Sunday, December 18, 2011

Apple cranberry walnut rum cake

Surprise! A new post. My mom makes a delicious cake the other day, apple cranberry walnut rum cake. She used the Betty Crocker gluten free yellow cake mix and doctored it up. It was perfect with some whipped cream.

In other news, during my bicycle commute one day in July, while stopped at a red light, I got hit by a truck. So blogging hasn't really been high on my priorities. Anyone still reading this other than the baker of this cake? I'm not exactly doing much better yet but I thought maybe I'd do some short posts here and there.


  1. Yes, still reading. :) Yum, that looks good. Hope your spirits are lifting a bit. Take care-Jamima

  2. I still read too :) And wow, your mom's cake looks tasty!

  3. Yes! Please keep posting. Hope you're feeling better.