Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Vacation is good!

Vacation is so much healthier than two months straight of sitting on my butt at a desk! I'm on day four of a week vacation and so far I have gotten more exercise than probably the entire last two months put together. That may be a slight exaggeration, but only slight. My hip got worse and worse as the long hours at work got longer, but it is feeling good now. The dog and I have been taking longer and longer walks. While she does like to stop and smell the roses, or in today's case, the daisies, she is happy to maintain a good pace while we're actually moving.

Now try not to laugh at me, but we did 2.87 miles today and I'm happy about that! I definitely could've walked more, and I was very tempted to, but since we just started at about 2.3 miles a few days ago, I think I need to increase my mileage slowly. I'd rather be itching to go farther than wishing I hadn't. We are aiming for 3.0 painfree miles in the next few days  - I think it's going to happen! Lots of stretching happening too. I actually got sore from yoga the other day! 

Yesterday's walk was shorter, probably only a little more than a mile, but I rode a combined 8.4 miles on my bike during the day. My car is not quite as drivable as I would like - or more accurately, it's not quite as parkable as I would like - there is no more reverse! So I've been biking more. (I must admit I find a little bit of irony in riding my bike to my asthma doc's office.) My local gluten free shop definitely gets more of my business because they don't mind if I bring my bike in the shop. It's a lot more convenient to just stop in for a few things if I don't have to worry about locking up my bike. Although I have an ultimate goal of achieving complete relaxation during this vacation, I do need to find myself a new car. (I seriously considered just going car free, but I don't feel safe enough biking anywhere on dark rainy days.) I'm trying to find a triathlete-friendly, dog-friendly, environmentally-friendly car. It is a lot of work for someone on vacation.