Thursday, February 17, 2011

cinnamon cookie

Sun Flour Baking Company makes a very yummy cinnamon cookie. Reminds me vaguely of my favorite snickerdoodle from my pre-gluten free days. It was from a chinese-mexican restaurant. I miss those cookies. Anyways, Sun Flour does a great job with all of their cookies. Things I like about this cookie: it is vegan and gluten free and yummy and the label says "complete protein, good fiber, and calcium." Things I don't like: the label says it is 440 calories per 3 oz cookie. I broke it in half and put half in the freezer. I ate the other half. Then I waited a moment and went to the freezer.... Definitely not something you want to eat every day. Unless you are training for an ironman and have a tapeworm or something. But it is a good treat every so often.


  1. Those snickerdoodles are just soooooo good! But lordy, I hope they aren't 440 calories! I'll bet they are more.

  2. It is a pretty dense cookie, like most gf cookies!