Thursday, February 17, 2011

cinnamon cookie

Sun Flour Baking Company makes a very yummy cinnamon cookie. Reminds me vaguely of my favorite snickerdoodle from my pre-gluten free days. It was from a chinese-mexican restaurant. I miss those cookies. Anyways, Sun Flour does a great job with all of their cookies. Things I like about this cookie: it is vegan and gluten free and yummy and the label says "complete protein, good fiber, and calcium." Things I don't like: the label says it is 440 calories per 3 oz cookie. I broke it in half and put half in the freezer. I ate the other half. Then I waited a moment and went to the freezer.... Definitely not something you want to eat every day. Unless you are training for an ironman and have a tapeworm or something. But it is a good treat every so often.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

A frozen pizza kind of day

Amy's Kitchen cheeze pizza, cooked spinach on the side, and a Wyder's hard pear cider.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

My new BFF: frozen veggies

I am not quite sure I would be eating veggies these days if it weren't for frozen bags of them. I am so busy at work that I feel lucky if I find time to cut a carrot into slices for a snack (I did today and it was so yummy). Today's lunch: black beans and rice (I cooked a bunch of both over the weekend) and half a bag of frozen veggies with a splash of hot sauce. Fairly inexpensive, easy, vegan, gluten free.

I am hoping to get to the farmer's market later this month, but for now I am thankful for the abundance of frozen veggies in my freezer.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Another quickie: polenta, veggies, and beans

Today's lunch: polenta, frozen veggies, black beans, and hot sauce. I've been eating something like this a few times a week all year. It is super super easy. Take 1/2 cup of corn grits (polenta), add 2 cups of water, microwave it for 6 minutes in a large bowl. Add veggies (in the interest of time, I've been using about half a bag of frozen veggies. Today's is the California blend, but I'm fond of the fiesta blend, too). Then add your choice of beans. Either cook it until it's hot, or put it in the fridge for later and then heat when you're ready to eat. Today is the first day I used plain black beans plus some hot sauce for a change, but I have typically been using a can of Amy's Kitchen's chili in this simple meal. This makes about 2-3 servings.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Food! It's what's for dinner.

Since being sidelined for my hip Injury, I've been paying more attention than usual to what I eat. Over the last few years my diet had changed a lot. I went from being mostly omnivorous to now being gluten free, mostly vegan, and on a good day, sugar free.  Maybe I'll write about the evolution some time. For now, here are some pictures of typical meals I've been eating lately! Beans, rice, and frozen veggies (a staple right now as work keeps me very busy), and a potato with earth balance (soy free) and spinach. Oh, and I think I might start blogging more about food and less about triathlons. At least until my hip gets better. So if food bores you, now might be the time to give up on this blog.