Sunday, January 16, 2011

Getting Organized!

I'm sorry I've been such a blogging slacker lately! Most of the gluten free stuff is just habit to me so often doesn't seem worth writing about, and due to my hip injury I haven't been doing much training, so I haven't felt like I've had anything to say! But I know my mom likes to read my blog so I figure I should update it every so often. (If anyone else is still reading, I would like to refer you to RBR's blog, because even though she hasn't been writing much lately either, she is much more entertaining than I am.)

A month or two ago I emailed my fellow members of the local triathlon club and asked for advice on how to organize my triathlon gear. I have it everywhere! People have a lot of different ways of organizing! I found something that works for me, although it is really just step one of a bigger project. I bought a build-it-yourself cubby storage unit. Right now this unit holds ALL of my triathlon clothes, plus a little bit of equipment. The fabric drawer inserts are sold separately (I like the Martha Stewart Fabric Drawers because they have a place for a label) and they hold a lot of stuff. Just one of those fabric drawers holds 5 bike shorts and 5 short-sleeve bike jerseys! All my workout clothes are made with wrinkle-free fabric, so I just toss them in there. I have a drawer for cold weather gear that has my gloves, ear warmers, rain pants, etc. Another drawer has all my running tops - I figure as the weather warms up the long sleeve tops will make their way to the bottom of the pile. A couple of swim suits, goggles, and caps fit in another drawer with my tri tops and tri bottoms. (I would not put my wetsuit into one of these, but I bet it would fit.) I even have a drawer just for socks. Usually my helmet rests on my aero bars, but it could easily fit in a cubby with a pair of bike gloves and sunglasses. Even though I'm not in training right now, I think I really love this setup. It is easy to grab my clothes depending on what sport(s) I'm doing, and it frees up my dresser for my regular clothes! Next I plan to use a separate cubby unit to organize my bike tools and all that other equipment that is piled up in a big rubbermaid container in a disorganized mess.


  1. Excellent progress! The cubbies look like a great idea. Thanks for keeping mom in the loop. :) I think YOU are interesting.

  2. Love it. Keep us in the loop!