Friday, November 19, 2010

Ironman Ironman Ironman!

YAY, my friend Rose crossed the finish line 2 weeks ago at Ironman Florida shortly before midnight. She is an Ironman! I love tracking people at and IMFL was a perfect day for me as a spectator - all the people I was tracking finished! I was so excited to be watching the finish line webcam and see Rose cross that line. I took a screen shot of her after she got her medal. I even took a video of her finish with my camera. So yes, I filmed Rose's finish through my computer monitor. Thank goodness for technology. Too bad the speakers at the finish line didn't transmit my screaming cheers for her!!

Right after Ironman Florida, I received super nice emails from both Rose and Glen thanking me for the inspiration and support. I think Ironman is kind of a pass-it-on sport. It's something I think every triathlete thinks about, even if it's just for a split second before dismissing the idea. But there are a lot of us who think "someday" and then they just meet the right person who has crossed that finish line who says what everyone else has said: "you can do it!" There's no time like the presence. Carpe diem people! You never know what life is going to hand out, so you might as well just do it while you can.

Ironman Arizona is this Sunday. I am super excited about it!!!  Any readers doing it, or know someone doing it? A woman I know named Jamie will be doing it as her first Ironman. I am super excited for her. It is a very spectator friendly course and she is bringing some serious spectators with her. That's the way to do it!

In other news, I am finding more and more yummy gluten free packaged snacks! Thinking about working on a gluten free food review blog, but not sure it is a great idea since I am so slow about updating this one!

Oh and my hip still hurts. I got new shoes and went running twice last week. I was reeeally careful with it. I mean 5 minute walk to warm up, 1 min jog, 1 min walk (repeat 10 or 12 times), 5 minute walk to cool down. And then 3 days later I did 1 min jog and 2 min walk, with the same warmup/cooldown. And my hip hurts!!!!!! I'm so mad about it. I decided not to run again until the follow-up with my orthopedist where we get to discuss how well the shot worked at fixing the problem (i.e. not well enough!). In case anyone is keeping track, I asked about the injection and it was a steroid/anti-inflammatory. So even with steroids my hip hurts. I should just get a big L on my forehead.

One of these days I'm going to post about all my winter riding gear again. I am trying to stick with the commute through the cold, rain, and fog this year. I have so much reflective gear that I think if someone took a photo of me on my bike, the picture would just look like a bright light due to the flash reflecting. I am definitely making sure that I am seen!

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  1. I know one guy going for number 3, or is it 4? IMAZs. He is a local guy.
    Kind of wish I was there.... yep, I think I could pull it off two weeks after I have some revenge to take on my 16:53 there in 08.