Saturday, November 6, 2010

Ironman Florida!

I know three people racing Ironman Florida today. I just saw one of them cross the finish line, watching the live feed of the finish line on Wonder how many other people are out there on their computers at home tracking their friends online, adding up hours and minutes and seconds and trying to predict when their triathlete buddies are going to cross the finish. I've done it many times and only managed to see friends finish twice. So glad Glen, #1300, crossed the finish line before my oven beeped to let me know my Amy's gluten free roasted veggie pizza was ready! Hmmm drinking Redbridge beer and eating pizza today, while a year ago I was racing an Ironman. My how times change! I'm planning to get new running shoes in the next few days and then start running again and see how my hip holds up! Still waiting for Bob, #1994, to cross the finish. And still cheering as loudly as possible for my friend Rose who is about to finish the first half of the run. I'm hoping she can hear me cheer all the way across the country. GO ROSE!

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