Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

My family is awesome so almost everything we have at Thanksgiving is gluten free. The only things I can't eat are the stuffing (which I don't like anyway, or I'm sure we'd make that gluten free too) and the rolls (but there's half a loaf of fresh gf bread that my mom baked for me as if I need the extra carbs!). Of course, I had to field a lot of questions and I had to google a lot of products to figure out if they were gluten free or not. I mostly just eat whole foods so I'm not familiar with a lot of products. What a headache to find out what the natural and artificial flavors in something really are, or whether the vinegar is distilled, and malt is out of the question. And don't grease that pan with Pam that has added flour in it please! It's enough to drive anyone crazy. I wish everyone out there a happy Thanksgiving, and hopefully a gluten free one if that's what you need!  These pictures are from last year because we haven't eaten dinner yet, but last year we had six pies and if I remember correctly four of them were gluten free. Blueberry, pecan, apple-cranberry, and a crustless sweet potato pie. This year's menu has just apple-cranberry and pecan but that should be plenty to choose from! My mom is a bake-aholic. I've been snacking all week on brownies, snickerdoodles, mini-pumpkin pies, bread, etc. It's really too bad I couldn't do a Turkey Trot this morning! I haven't quite figured out how to justify this week's food fest, but at least I took the dog for a long walk this morning!

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