Friday, October 29, 2010

MRI results and BJs Brewery

MRI results are in! Short story: no tears in any muscles or ligaments, etc. (yay - no surgery!) I've actually got bursitis/tendinitis on both sides, it's just worse on the right side so that's what I notice. The fluid hits my IT band too. I received an anti-inflammatory injection directly into the bursa of my right hip and my doctor said I can start running again, 2-3x per week, but not on consecutive days, and obviously to ease back into it. I'm going back in a few weeks to see if the shot helped and if it did, he'll give me a shot in the other side. I asked him what the chances are that I could do an Ironman next fall (since Ironman Arizona and Florida registrations are just in a few weeks) and he said "a good chance." (I verified he knew the distances for Ironman; this doc knows his triathletes!) I am also going to see his nutritionist to get me on a good regime of glucosamine, vitamin D, etc, which he thinks should help solve this thing. I was so tempted to go for a run the moment I got the news, but I really need to buy new running shoes first. But hopefully in another week I can post about my first run!

In other news, I almost had a gluten free dining disaster tonight at BJ's Brewhouse. I hadn't been there in eons but my mom's in town and I'd heard they had a gluten free menu. We had to wait awhile so I asked for a copy of the gluten free menu while we waited. The gf menu is printed on the restaurant's allergy information sheet. Picture a long list of every item on the regular menu next to checkboxes for which of the most common allergens are in those items. (Or how about if you really want to, just go look at the menu by clicking here.) So I happened to notice that the flame-broiled New York strip steak is on the gluten free menu, but the allergen list indicates it has wheat in it! In typical gluten free inquiry fashion, the first person I asked to explain this discrepancy had to go find a manager (but he did so super promptly!). She immediately caught on to the problem I was pointing out and asked the kitchen manager. Low and behold, despite the steak being on the gluten free menu, it is not gluten free. This type of thing is exactly why I don't eat at restaurants very much. However, the staff at BJ's reassured me on many levels. The first manager I spoke to (who asked the kitchen manager to clarify the gluten freeness of the steak) went straight to her boss who immediately emailed the regional manager to figure out what the deal is with the menus. All in all, I would recommend BJ's for their attention to detail with gluten free items. The managers answered all of my questions about the different items and how they ensured that orders really were gluten free. It sounds like they follow very good practices on keeping things separate. The people who prepare gf orders are certified gluten free cooks! Things like that. So, assuming I don't wake up with any symptoms, I'd totally go back to BJ's, and I'd love to see other restaurants educate themselves as much about gluten as the managerial staff I spoke to tonight at my local BJ's. In case anyone cares, I had a baked potato with chicken and broccoli, and a Redbridge gluten free beer!

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  1. Great on no surgery. Congrats
    Yep, 7 days and that thing called IMFL comes up again.
    I don't think I am going to broadcast it, but I am hoping for sub 12 this year..... bold... huh??