Saturday, October 9, 2010


I am so jealous of all the awesome athletes racing in Kona today! I am tracking a few people online at for the Ironman World Championships today. Craig Alexander and Chris McCormack are always on my A list because I met them in St Croix after my first half ironman and they were both so nice! Also number 244, Lenore, is a 67 year old woman who qualified for Kona by winning her age group at Ironman Florida 2009. We chatted a little bit during the first few miles of the run. The crowd was going crazy for her. I hope she is having a fabulous time today! Also racing (I think) is a guy I saw finish at Ironman Arizona last year just before midnight. He was first in his age group and qualified for Kona by suffering his way to that finish line before midnight. It's always heartbreaking when people don't get to the finish in time. Here's to hoping that everyone out there today in Kona squeaks past all the cutoff times!

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  1. Always an exciting day!! Hard not to spend half the day on line...