Sunday, August 8, 2010

Updates and superheroes

My doc says I've got tendonitis in my hip and that I need to give it a break! She advised rest, ice, ibuprofen, etc. The usual stuff. I explained I'd been doing that for a few months, but apparently our definitions of "rest" are different. So now I am really resting and am avoiding running for a few months. (Starting, you know, the day after she told me this. I just had to go for a short run that afternoon to get my last run in. A lot like "the diet starts tomorrow" I guess.) I haven't even been on my bike in weeks. I haven't even gone swimming - although that's because I've got a kink in my neck. About that the doc says "reduce stress." That's why I had to go for that run. 

I just read RBR's Yosemite half dome hike report, and it confirmed what I'd already suspected. There is no way I am ever doing that hike. First, it is really difficult and there is no medal when you finish. Second, I am terrified of heights. (If you're not already reading RBR's blog, well, you're seriously missing out.)

Even though I am not in training, I've decided what I really want is a tri top and tri shorts that somewhat resembles Wonder Woman's outfit. I think that would rock. Maybe Supergirl's would be better suited though. Can you imagine wearing a cape on the bike and the run? If I could find an outfit like either of these, I'd post a picture, but as far as I can tell DC Comics, PI and Sugoi haven't figured out that there is a market for this. 


  1. I would totally wear a wonder woman tri suit - and my kids would love it too!

    Get better soon! :)

  2. Maybe you need to contact DC and make a suggestion. You'd look great running across the finish line with your cape streaming behind you!

  3. I would totally wear one too! That would be awesome! Sorry your hip is bothering you but listen to your doc so you don't end up like me. ;)

  4. I saw your blog was gluten free and clicked on it, then I read you have tendonitis of the hip...I'm just getting over it. It's been a long process, very hard to completely rest it. Good luck and hope it heals! I've been doing the ice 15 min/heat 30 min for a couple hours a day (lots of TV watching when I can't run).

  5. Thanks SSB, I haven't tried heat at all - will give it a shot! How long did it take you to recover?