Monday, August 30, 2010

Physical Therapy Visit

I started physical therapy for my hip last week. Are the exercises supposed to be making it more sore? I feel like I should be allowed to run if I have to deal with hip soreness anyway. The physical therapist wasn't very helpful in giving me a specific diagnosis. (Hip tendonitis bores me. I want a more specific diagnosis. Which part of the hip exactly? I've found two types of hip tendonitis on google.) She checked my range of motion, checked my resistence ability (pushing against my leg in different directions, not my ability to resist donuts or anything like that), and essentially said "you're weird." Twice she told me I was saying it hurt in a place that shouldn't have hurt. She also seemed surprised my doctor hadn't asked for an xray or MRI or anything. So I'll give PT another week or two before I start harassing my doctor again. I need to go buy a bottle of ibuprofen, which seems imperative to my recovery. That plus my PT exercises 2-3 times a day, followed by stretching, and ice. The PT exercise essentially entails wrapping a looped theraband around my knees and doing the opposite of the thigh-master movement. The stretch (pictured here) is one of the same IT band stretches I did all last year; the PT even gave me a printout from the same website I originally used to learn the stretch. I'm not really convinced PT is going to help because it doesn't seem like anything new, other than the hip abductor exercise which makes my hip more sore. Well that plus the ultrasound which seemed to make it feel a little better too.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's hard not to run

As Sun Safe Barbie mentioned in her comment on my last post, it is hard to rest!  I'm busy at work so it's not like I have oodles of time to exercise right now anyways, but even when I am just walking the dog, it's really hard not to break into a run with her every so often. I took Sierra on an hour long walk last weekend, and my hip started hurting near the end, and now it's been hurting more all week. Just from walking! I don't want to end up like my coach Jamima and need hip surgery though so I am trying to follow doctor's orders as best I can. I start physical therapy next week. Hopefully once this month is over I'll be able to start swimming before work a few times a week. I'm feeling really out of shape these days!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Updates and superheroes

My doc says I've got tendonitis in my hip and that I need to give it a break! She advised rest, ice, ibuprofen, etc. The usual stuff. I explained I'd been doing that for a few months, but apparently our definitions of "rest" are different. So now I am really resting and am avoiding running for a few months. (Starting, you know, the day after she told me this. I just had to go for a short run that afternoon to get my last run in. A lot like "the diet starts tomorrow" I guess.) I haven't even been on my bike in weeks. I haven't even gone swimming - although that's because I've got a kink in my neck. About that the doc says "reduce stress." That's why I had to go for that run. 

I just read RBR's Yosemite half dome hike report, and it confirmed what I'd already suspected. There is no way I am ever doing that hike. First, it is really difficult and there is no medal when you finish. Second, I am terrified of heights. (If you're not already reading RBR's blog, well, you're seriously missing out.)

Even though I am not in training, I've decided what I really want is a tri top and tri shorts that somewhat resembles Wonder Woman's outfit. I think that would rock. Maybe Supergirl's would be better suited though. Can you imagine wearing a cape on the bike and the run? If I could find an outfit like either of these, I'd post a picture, but as far as I can tell DC Comics, PI and Sugoi haven't figured out that there is a market for this.