Thursday, July 15, 2010

Unhappy triathletes!

As I sit hear drinking my coffee and catching up on a lot of the blogs I follow, I keep finding a recurring theme. My fellow triathlete bloggers are all unhappy because they're not running these days! Injuries and what not. According to Kelly, aquajogging isn't good enough to satisfy the craving to run, which is a bummer because that is what I was going to try. Poor Al isn't getting any swimming or biking or running in. Michael is slowly getting back into it. What about Kendra? She hasn't been doing much of anything. Gonna try to get some good swimming in over the next few days. The weather is perfect for it. Maybe even head to a lake for an open water swim to avoid the tedium of those lane lines! 

This all kind of reminds me of when I had to quit playing soccer. (This is a whole other story but my doctor banned me from contact sports due to a neck injury in high school - open water swimming doesn't count!) People ask me if I watch the World Cup. No, not really. I like to play and I can't. So I don't like to watch people do something I can't do. (There's a whole gluten free analogy that Kati is dealing with right now. The torture of a celiac watching people enjoy non-gf treats!) What do you do when you can't participate in your favorite sport or eat your favorite food? Any coping tips? 


  1. Ok so the last question.. I've had some of that to deal with a little bit. There are certain foods and drinks I cannot have and yet I miss them dearly. However, I don't miss the results/outcomes.. so I kind of focus on that.

    Major no-nos for me are things like soda/beer (carbonation) - and both of which I like and I miss a cold frosty one every now and then.. and hello? Oktoberfest is pretty much out for me now. But.. i know if I have carbonation, i will be in pain and could cause damage to myself.. sooo I stay away and can totally watch others drink without it completely getting me annoyed. People nom on full on giant sandwiches in front of me and oooomg how i miss them so - but just looking at them (and plates of pasta/rice dishes) remind me that a) i'd be in pain if i ate that much or b) i won't get enough protein if i eat chicken+pasta as opposed to chicken+veggies for example..

    I dunno.. i think i'm rambly.. but basically I just think about the results and kind of move on from there and still enjoy the company of others totally digging into their sandwiches, burritos, pasta dishes, and misc fried foods (yes a no no for all, but still!)

    As for watching a sport vs not being able to play it - yeah I know it's not the same, but knowing that you could be seriously injured and all the resulting negative stuff that comes from that (families upset, money, doctors, etc etc) .. it's just safer to enjoy it from a distance. Don't deprive yourself of every aspect of the sport. :)

  2. "What about Kendra? She hasn't been doing much of anything"

    Isn't it a bit early to be tapering for IMTX??

  3. Hey - we're not ALL unhappy! I'm happy :-) And I'm not really swimbikerunning.

    Hang in there.

  4. wow I touched a nerve with this one. :)

    Jennifer, I am the same way about focusing on what I need to be healthy and not worrying about the things I can't have for the most part.

    Bob - I am not doing IMTX :) maybe another IM sometime, but I'm still waiting for one to call to me. I ran today! I've been having IT band problems and what not.

    Joel, I keep trying to comment on your blog post about the signs of drowning, but the comment link isn't working for me. Someone else had forwarded me the same info - pretty good to spread it around!