Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pain in the Hip

I ran Thursday afternoon and Saturday morning. And one or both of those was a bad decision. Yesterday my hip hurt when I sneezed (!) and every other moment of the day too. Looking forward to seeing my doctor next week. In an attempt to get some exercise without hurting myself anymore, I woke up early to swim this morning but my apartment complex pool didn't open early enough. It's summer, it's sunny, it's warm. Why wait til 7am? 

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Unhappy triathletes!

As I sit hear drinking my coffee and catching up on a lot of the blogs I follow, I keep finding a recurring theme. My fellow triathlete bloggers are all unhappy because they're not running these days! Injuries and what not. According to Kelly, aquajogging isn't good enough to satisfy the craving to run, which is a bummer because that is what I was going to try. Poor Al isn't getting any swimming or biking or running in. Michael is slowly getting back into it. What about Kendra? She hasn't been doing much of anything. Gonna try to get some good swimming in over the next few days. The weather is perfect for it. Maybe even head to a lake for an open water swim to avoid the tedium of those lane lines! 

This all kind of reminds me of when I had to quit playing soccer. (This is a whole other story but my doctor banned me from contact sports due to a neck injury in high school - open water swimming doesn't count!) People ask me if I watch the World Cup. No, not really. I like to play and I can't. So I don't like to watch people do something I can't do. (There's a whole gluten free analogy that Kati is dealing with right now. The torture of a celiac watching people enjoy non-gf treats!) What do you do when you can't participate in your favorite sport or eat your favorite food? Any coping tips? 

Friday, July 9, 2010

Tri tomorrow

My friend Cameron is doing her first triathlon tomorrow at the Tri for Fun #2! Good luck Cameron! Tomorrow's race was going to be Dave's first too, and my second of the year, but Dave and I have been a little under the weather after a long drive earlier this week from Montana, via Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks. So instead we'll be signing up for an August sprint tri. I'd planned to actually train after the last sprint and see how much time I could knock off, but I haven't been training much. A little running here and there. A little biking. I swam a few times. I'm probably in worse shape now than I was 5 weeks ago when I did the Tri for Fun #1! I've self diagnosed bursitis in my right hip so that's my excuse. Trying to not feel like my grandma with a sore hip all the time. Using the foam roller, stretching, icing, etc. Woe is me. I may have convinced another friend to do a tri though, and I always love helping out a newbie.