Saturday, May 29, 2010

Bike month tally #8 - Last chance weekend!

Personal Challenges

Name Pledge % Met Miles
500 Mile Club Rose 1000 54.5% 545

Kendra 302 78.4768% 237

David 301 56.8106% 171

Time is seriously running out for bike month. It's 6:30 on Saturday morning as I write this, and I know Rose is already out there riding! She's not planning on a 400 mile ride this weekend though (that's next week). I've got a ride planned for tomorrow, but I will still have some miles to make up. Actually my friend Nikka is arranging our ride so I have no clue how far it'll be, but I specified under 50. So I'm pondering heading out now to get some more miles done. It looks like a beautiful day out there!

I just realized I never wrote about last weekend's ride with Lauren! The weather was cooperative enough that we didn't have to set an alarm to avoid getting too hot, but we did want to avoid the impending wind. Dave came along too, so we rode from home instead of the park (definitely didn't want to take 2 cars) adding 8 miles to an already ambitious 45 mile ride. Ambitious because Lauren hadn't even ridden more than a 30 mile ride this year and I'd only done one. The wind was behind us for awhile and we just flew to the park, where Dave ditched us until we caught up with him taking a snack break around mile 10.

The ride to the hatchery (our turn around spot) was pretty uneventful, other than the one snake on the trail that we maneuvered around. While we were there, snacking on our carb boom gels and refilling our water, this little kid powered up the hill we were on. It was so funny and impressive to see the little mini-Lance pedaling super hard on a mini-bike. It was kind of like the one pictured here but he definitely didn't have training wheels. I think he rode up that hill about the same pace that I usually do, and my wheels are gigantic compared to his.

On our ride home we saw a guy with his bike blocking the middle of the bike path. He was protecting the gopher snake that was chillin in the middle of the path.  Less than a mile later another guy is on the wrong side of the path and almost cut me off as he's getting back to the right. He explains himself as he later passes us, he was getting a rattle snake off the path! Snakes were everywhere. The best one though was when we get back home, pulling into the parking lot and an 8 year old boy is walking up the stairs with a gigantic snake wrapped around his shoulders. His dad yells at him from the parking lot where he's chatting with a friend "don't let it wrap too tight around your neck!"  Good fatherly advice.We also had a brief stop on the way home when we helped someone with a flat tire. It reminded me how awful it can be to stop and rest. Sometimes it's better to just keep going. Our legs felt a little heavier as we rode those last 12 miles as our bodies wondered why we weren't done yet and by then the wind was in our faces. It was a fun ride though and we rewarded ourselves with a trip to Chipotle!

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