Sunday, May 9, 2010

26 miles today

In a feeble attempt to not get my butt totally kicked by Rose this year, Dave and I went out for a ride this morning. Yesterday was such a beautiful day, high of 75, not too breezy, clear skies. It looked sunny this morning so we just assumed it would be the same - perfect cycling weather. I almost checked the weather to see if it would be hot enough that I should wear a sleeveless jersey, but I figured I'd be fine with short sleeves. Off we went, short sleeves and shorts, lathered up with sunscreen. About 30 seconds after we started our ride, we realized we were stupid. The clouds were moving in, the sun was in hiding, it was cold when the wind hit. I figured I'd warm up as we rode, and I didn't want to get Sierra's hopes up by going back inside to grab my arm warmers or a long sleeve top. So off we went. A minute later I was complaining about how cold it was. Five minutes later Dave asked if I was going to be warm enough or if we should go back for more layers. People think I'm kidding when I say I'm lazy, I guess they figure a lazy person won't do an Ironman? But did I want to turn around and ride 10 extra minutes to get back to where I already was just so that I could be warm enough? No. So I froze.

By the time we got to the park to start riding on the bike path, our toes were numb and my ears hurt from the cold. It's not like it was really that cold out, but it was sub-60 and windy. Obviously the wind was in our faces both directions. The riding was a lot easier than our 25 mile ride two weeks ago. That ride kicked my butt. I don't know how I was so tired, maybe the flat tire is what did it. Or maybe riding on the roads actually causes enough mental strain, worrying about cars, etc, that it's just that much easier to ride on a bike path where the biggest concern is a suicidal squirrel. Whatever the reason, I felt way better after today's 26 mile ride than after our 25 mile airport loop. I was hoping to ride tomorrow too but the dark clouds are really ominous and apparently are spending the night here.

Today's lesson: always check the forecast! We got lucky and evaded the scattered thunderstorms and showers, and eventually we were mostly warmed up. My toes have almost thawed.

Name Pledge % Met Miles

1000 16.7% 167

250 14.8% 37

But Rose is probably still out riding and hasn't updated her miles for the day yet.

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