Saturday, May 29, 2010

Bike month tally #8 - Last chance weekend!

Personal Challenges

Name Pledge % Met Miles
500 Mile Club Rose 1000 54.5% 545

Kendra 302 78.4768% 237

David 301 56.8106% 171

Time is seriously running out for bike month. It's 6:30 on Saturday morning as I write this, and I know Rose is already out there riding! She's not planning on a 400 mile ride this weekend though (that's next week). I've got a ride planned for tomorrow, but I will still have some miles to make up. Actually my friend Nikka is arranging our ride so I have no clue how far it'll be, but I specified under 50. So I'm pondering heading out now to get some more miles done. It looks like a beautiful day out there!

I just realized I never wrote about last weekend's ride with Lauren! The weather was cooperative enough that we didn't have to set an alarm to avoid getting too hot, but we did want to avoid the impending wind. Dave came along too, so we rode from home instead of the park (definitely didn't want to take 2 cars) adding 8 miles to an already ambitious 45 mile ride. Ambitious because Lauren hadn't even ridden more than a 30 mile ride this year and I'd only done one. The wind was behind us for awhile and we just flew to the park, where Dave ditched us until we caught up with him taking a snack break around mile 10.

The ride to the hatchery (our turn around spot) was pretty uneventful, other than the one snake on the trail that we maneuvered around. While we were there, snacking on our carb boom gels and refilling our water, this little kid powered up the hill we were on. It was so funny and impressive to see the little mini-Lance pedaling super hard on a mini-bike. It was kind of like the one pictured here but he definitely didn't have training wheels. I think he rode up that hill about the same pace that I usually do, and my wheels are gigantic compared to his.

On our ride home we saw a guy with his bike blocking the middle of the bike path. He was protecting the gopher snake that was chillin in the middle of the path.  Less than a mile later another guy is on the wrong side of the path and almost cut me off as he's getting back to the right. He explains himself as he later passes us, he was getting a rattle snake off the path! Snakes were everywhere. The best one though was when we get back home, pulling into the parking lot and an 8 year old boy is walking up the stairs with a gigantic snake wrapped around his shoulders. His dad yells at him from the parking lot where he's chatting with a friend "don't let it wrap too tight around your neck!"  Good fatherly advice.We also had a brief stop on the way home when we helped someone with a flat tire. It reminded me how awful it can be to stop and rest. Sometimes it's better to just keep going. Our legs felt a little heavier as we rode those last 12 miles as our bodies wondered why we weren't done yet and by then the wind was in our faces. It was a fun ride though and we rewarded ourselves with a trip to Chipotle!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Bike month tally #7 - Rose's fundraising

Personal Challenges

Name Pledge % Met Miles
500 Mile Club Rose 1000 51.4% 514

Kendra 302 70.5298% 213

David 301 39.5349% 119

Uhh I think the chances of me catching her just went out the door. Rose rode 200 miles this weekend. She is in training for the AIDS/LifeCycle ride. It's a 7-day, 545-mile bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles to make a world of difference in the lives of people living with HIV and AIDS. She is going to kick butt and the training alone for this ride probably already has her ready for Ironman Florida! You can read all about it, and make a donation on this website.

Dave rode 50+ yesterday too but hasn't updated his log yet... maybe he will forget about the miles. :)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bike month tally #6 plus a contest!

 I am over half way to my goal! Nine more days of riding left in the month. Lauren, Dave, and I are about to head out on a long ride though so I think I can do it. I think Rose is doing a double century this weekend though. oof. 
Personal Challenges

Name Pledge % Met Miles

Rose 1000 41.4% 414

Kendra 302 52.9801% 160

David 301 39.5349% 119 

If you're a regular follower of my blog, or have at least been around since just before my Ironman, you might want to check out the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness's website. The NFCA is having a contest where if you can answer 5 questions about their athletes for awareness (including one question about me!) then you will be entered to win an artisanal gluten-free cookbook!  You can learn more about it by clicking here. If you need a hint for question #5, just leave a comment!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Almost halfway there!

Tomorrow is bike to work day:  Thursday: Mostly sunny, with a high near 75. Calm wind becoming northwest between 12 and 15 mph. Winds could gust as high as 24 mph.  Yikes.

Since it's bike to work day, that means freebies for cyclists all over the city. Freebies for bike day seem to always involve delicious gluten-filled foods, like bagels, granola bars, muffins, donuts. I know it's dumb to be jealous of free food, but being gluten free kinda sucks in that I can't enjoy those freebies. You know those mornings where things aren't going so great and someone brings donuts or bagels to work and everything seems a little brighter? I don't! Well, maybe tomorrow I'll win some bike month socks at one of the "energizer stations" around town. I'll ride past two of the stations on my way to work.

Name Pledge % Met Miles

Rose 1000 31.4% 314

Kendra 302 48.3444% 146

David 301 39.5349% 119 

I'm almost halfway to my goal. Don't remind me that we're two-thirds done with the month! Thank goodness the last weekend in May is a three day weekend. I will be cycling a lot that weekend. Also Lauren is coming for a visit so we're going to ride long on Sunday. If the weather cooperates for the rest of the month, I think I can still hit 302.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bike month blues and Amazon.

This morning I had a dilemma. I had to get to work early. I pondered just driving to work so that I only had to get up a few minutes early instead of a fully hour. But it is bike month after all, so I rolled out of bed at 6am and rolled onto the street on my pretty bike just after 6:45. My ride was pretty nice given that there was less traffic than usual. I hit mostly green lights and almost had a record time to work. The rest of my day was not so great, so I treated myself to happy hour and caught a ride home. I almost feel bad about it, since it is bike month and all. But I did get some miles in and some are better than none. Bike month is great because it promotes cycling which is obviously awesome, but it's also frustrating because I can't believe how many people DON'T try riding a bike even one little mile! I'm responsible for encouraging and rewarding cyclists at work and this year's turnout is low, so it's a bit of a downer. I don't know what more I can do.

I wish I was riding as many miles this year as I did last year, but every year is different! Rose is kicking my butt again. We already made plans for her victory dinner. But we're going to ride to the restaurant, so that'll be cool (or hot, since it'll be in June). I'm still hoping I can reach my goal of 300 miles!

I added an amazon associates box on my blog. So now if you want to buy one of the wonderful bicycle accessories that I mention, or anything else from amazon for that matter, if you link to amazon from my site before placing your order, amazon will give me a little kickback. This is good for everyone because I can use those kickbacks for race entry fees and then I will have more fun things to blog about! So next time you want to buy something from amazon, consider clicking through my blog first please!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bike month tally #4 plus the Tour

The Tour of California was here today. The peloton raced past me a few times near the finish. Always fun! I'm so glad people actually come out and watch the event even though we are not really a cycling culture. Before the tour we went for a 30+ mile ride on the bike path. The weather today was pretty nice for cycling. Rose did a century+ yesterday though. It's unlikely I will catch up to her! And it's supposed to rain tomorrow so I'm not sure how excited I'll be to ride to work.

Personal Challenges

Name Pledge % Met Miles

1000 31.4% 314

302 42.7152% 129
301 27.907% 84

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bike to Work Day

Today was bike to work day in most northern cal cities, so even though our bike to work day is next Thursday, Mikes Bikes was offering free tubes to people who rode to work today. After work I swung by and picked up my freebie. Nearly perfect timing because I needed to buy a new one anyways after my flat a few weeks ago.

I'm sure Rose hasn't logged her commute yet, but .... I'm gaining on them!

Personal Challenges

Click here to challenge a friend!

  Name Pledge % Met Miles

Rose 1000 20.3% 203

302 25.1656% 76


301 16.6113%

Bike Month challenge update 3

My husband accepted my challenge for bike month too. Notice his pledge amount. Although I don't think it's really fair since I have a full time job and he doesn't. The formatting looks weird but here it is.

Personal Challenges

  Name Pledge % Met Miles

1000 20.3% 203

300 20% 60
       301 16.6113% 50

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bike month tally #2

Totals as of May 11 (AM)

  Name Pledge % Met Miles
Rose 1000 20.3% 203
Kendra 250 18% 45
But when it comes to percentage-of-pledge-met, we're pretty close!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

26 miles today

In a feeble attempt to not get my butt totally kicked by Rose this year, Dave and I went out for a ride this morning. Yesterday was such a beautiful day, high of 75, not too breezy, clear skies. It looked sunny this morning so we just assumed it would be the same - perfect cycling weather. I almost checked the weather to see if it would be hot enough that I should wear a sleeveless jersey, but I figured I'd be fine with short sleeves. Off we went, short sleeves and shorts, lathered up with sunscreen. About 30 seconds after we started our ride, we realized we were stupid. The clouds were moving in, the sun was in hiding, it was cold when the wind hit. I figured I'd warm up as we rode, and I didn't want to get Sierra's hopes up by going back inside to grab my arm warmers or a long sleeve top. So off we went. A minute later I was complaining about how cold it was. Five minutes later Dave asked if I was going to be warm enough or if we should go back for more layers. People think I'm kidding when I say I'm lazy, I guess they figure a lazy person won't do an Ironman? But did I want to turn around and ride 10 extra minutes to get back to where I already was just so that I could be warm enough? No. So I froze.

By the time we got to the park to start riding on the bike path, our toes were numb and my ears hurt from the cold. It's not like it was really that cold out, but it was sub-60 and windy. Obviously the wind was in our faces both directions. The riding was a lot easier than our 25 mile ride two weeks ago. That ride kicked my butt. I don't know how I was so tired, maybe the flat tire is what did it. Or maybe riding on the roads actually causes enough mental strain, worrying about cars, etc, that it's just that much easier to ride on a bike path where the biggest concern is a suicidal squirrel. Whatever the reason, I felt way better after today's 26 mile ride than after our 25 mile airport loop. I was hoping to ride tomorrow too but the dark clouds are really ominous and apparently are spending the night here.

Today's lesson: always check the forecast! We got lucky and evaded the scattered thunderstorms and showers, and eventually we were mostly warmed up. My toes have almost thawed.

Name Pledge % Met Miles

1000 16.7% 167

250 14.8% 37

But Rose is probably still out riding and hasn't updated her miles for the day yet.

Bike Month challenge update 1

Rose: 167
Kendra: 11


Saturday, May 1, 2010

Ironman St George

Ironman St George (Utah) is today. First time there's been an Ironman event there. One of the bloggers who I met in Florida is racing today. Bob is #2287. It's so weird to wake up and have the swim results posted before I'm done with breakfast. Then I'll go out and have my Saturday, come home and most people will still be racing. Sometime around dinner, Bob will probably be finishing. Before I go to bed I can watch some people finish live online. I'll be asleep before the last finisher finishes! I'm a little jealous I'm not out there, but right now I am in no shape to be even thinking about it.

I haven't posted much lately because I have nothing to report. A few bike miles here and there. A few run miles here and there, usually followed by a few days of hip pain. Yesterday I woke up with a very literal pain in the neck. So I won't be riding my bike this weekend even though May is bike month has begun. Rose is going to kick my butt this year in our competition to see who can ride the most miles. Last year I pledged 500 miles and rode over 600, trying to beat her but I fell really short. I only pledged 300 this year given how I felt after riding 25 miles last Saturday. Rose probably pledged 600 and will actually ride a million, helping the whole city reach its goal of 1,000,000 miles in May. She's an animal. I can't wait to track her at Ironman Florida this November!