Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Nothing exciting going on

I haven't been blogging because I haven't been training. My IT band has been bothering me. Last year it hurt in my knee; this year it's in my hip. I should probably go see a doctor but I've been too busy at work to call to make an appointment. It's on my to-do list for this long weekend.

I've been riding my bike to work, but only halfway. For some reason I feel incredibly lame about this. My commute is 7.5 miles and I'm driving 4.5 and riding 3. It's not quite cutting my driving in half, but it's close. And I'm getting some exercise, although I'm riding in my work clothes so I'm not really working up a sweat or getting my heart rate going much. Last Thursday it was so windy that I practically flew to work, easily cruising at 19-20mph without breaking a sweat. The ride home into the wind was significantly UNfun. At first I was glad that I still had my aerobars on my commuter (my old Trek road bike). Then I tried getting into the aero position. The winds were so gusty that I was way too unstable in aero. At one point the wind was coming from the north so strongly that when I was riding east I almost couldn't turn left into the wind! Crazy wind.

I put some nifty double sided pedals on my commuter bike. They've got SPD on one side and flat pedals on the other side. So if I'm in the mood for a longer ride and detour in the morning, I can wear my SPD bike shoes. Otherwise I can just wear my work shoes. Commuting by bike is really fun, but I'm starting to especially enjoy riding in my work clothes and work shoes. All I do when I get to work is take off my helmet; lock my bike in my bike locker and walk into my office. No changing of shoes or showering. So easy! And you can't beat fresh brisk air in the morning. If you haven't tried bike commuting, do it!

Swimming has sounded appealing lately (in my head). But I'm too cheap to pay for a gym membership right now and I'm too wimpy to go swim in a lake! I miss the Caribbean! 


  1. Sorry about the IT band! I've had it in both knees and right hip...and it's not fun. Foam rollers, massages, and tennis balls (tennis ball is especially good for the hip - roll around on it kind of on your butt like with the foam roller). I miss bike commuting too! I used to have the double-sided pedals but that bike was stolen :(

  2. Good idea with the tennis ball - I used to do that when I had piriformis problems. Will try again. But it's the outer hip that is the most sore. Practically on my hip bone. Making a Dr appt is on my to-do list for this wonderful 5 day weekend that I've got.