Saturday, March 27, 2010

Foam roller, how do I love thee?

With all my aches and pains, you'd think I was training for an Ironman or something. Maybe I just managed to ignore them all last year. I mean I did after all manage to twist my ankle at the start of a long run and then run 14 more miles. But this year I am not as motivated. My IT Band hurts. Sometimes in my quad, sometimes in my hip. I guess it only hurts in the knee after long runs, and I'm sure not doing those anymore. I've probably taken more Aleve in the last month than I took all of last year.I'm feeling pretty ridiculous and out of shape these days.

My main source of relief for the IT band pain is using my foam roller. I love it so much that I have three of them. Well, one of them I leave at my parents house because although my mom is brilliant and suggested I use a rolling pin as a substitute during one visit last year, I learned that the foam roller is more comfortable.

How do you use it? Umm, hard to explain. Do a google image search, or just click here, or ask someone at Fleet Feet.

My quest to a 5k PR is on hold while I wait until these aches and pains figure themselves out. I don't care enough about a PR to cause further injury to myself! And while I had toyed with the idea of doing Vineman this year - they have a buy 2 get 1 free entry to the full iron distance tri! - I think that is pretty unrealistic at this point. Maybe next year. :)

Every day I have the urge to go running or on a long ride, but then I remember the pain in my hip and quad and then I just sit on the couch. This morning I did some yoga before breakfast because stretching is always good. I'd like to do this more regularly as my flexibility has definitely diminished.

How do you keep fit and feeling good when you're injured? I'd love some good ideas. I do have a bit of the urge to go swimming, but I don't have access to a pool and I'm a little wimpy about swimming in a lake in March. My husband is a swimmer but he's a hard core swimmer so would probably never dream of buying a wetsuit and I'm not sure who else is crazy enough to go swim in the lake with me. But even if I could swim in the lake, that's just good for weekends (it's too far to drive on a weekday). What can I do to keep from becoming a couch potato?? Help!

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