Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Birthday weekend

I celebrated my birthday this weekend by taking a last minute trip to see my parents. My mom, being the amazing mom that she is, baked me two gluten free birthday cakes. Almost every birthday that I can remember, I've always wanted angel food cake with marshmallow frosting. Last March my mom made one as her first gluten free cake in honor of my birthday. It was awesome. This year the angel food cake didn't turn out quite right - it collapsed. But she saved it by turning it into a trifle, complete with my gooey sweet marshmallow frosting. She also made a gluten free carrot cake for me though. She didn't ever admit it, but I think the reason she made two was because it's just impossible to decorate on marshmallow frosting and she's really known for her decorations (as well as her delicious carrot cake)!

So here is the inspiration for the cake - the abstract art on an old triathlon tshirt belonging to my dad (he's done countless tris and 50 marathons!) and my Ironman finish line photo!

Ironman Florida pretty much sums up my 30th year. Last year I started my 30th year with a celebratory half marathon. My husband ran that same half marathon this morning as his first half. I PRed last year by almost an hour and it set the tone for the entire year of training hard and having a great time too. Finishing Ironman Florida was really the icing on the cake for the year. And on my birthday it became the literal icing on the cake....Yup, that's a likeness of my finish photo on the top of that carrot cake!

Up close details. Notice how my mom made the bicyclists pink to match my bike?

The cake even had M-Dots!

All three gluten free birthday cakes - angel food cake, carrot cake, and a pop-up birthday card cake!

This year I started my 31st year with a 31 minute run while my dad rode his bike with me. I hadn't planned to run 31 minutes, it's just how long my 2 loop run took! Next year I'll either run 32 minutes, or do the half marathon again. I had a great time with that last year. My friend Jennifer got us matching green shirts and mine said "Birthday Girl" on the back - some of the other runners actually sang happy birthday to me around mile 2! Today was the perfect day for my husband's first half marathon. It's so nice to see the sun. It's starting to really feel like spring.

Happy Pi(e) Day everyone!

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