Monday, February 1, 2010

Goals for 2010

A light bulb went on in my head this morning. I don't need to go long this year. That goal is a little daunting after training my butt off last year. Maybe I'll do some longer events or races, but I think I finally found a goal that will encourage me to exercise on a regular basis and it will be a fun one too.
My #1 goal is going to be to earn a new 5k PR. Specifically, I want to break 30 minutes. My current 5k PR is 31:51, earned on August 9, 2008, at the Susan B. Anthony 5k. Mostly thanks to my friend Jennifer running the first mile with me before she sped off into the distance.
According to (more on that site later), my 5k PR is actually 30:12, earned October 26, 2008, with my friend Bree pulling me along the whole way. But we decided that race was short. My Polar HRM gave it 3.0 miles, and the people around us with Garmins agreed.
Last year I didn't do any real 5ks or 10ks. Mostly because I didn't have time to fit them into my training. Kind of hard to go race a 5k when you have a 15 mile run on the calendar instead. The one "5k" I did last year was a little fund raiser race and it was clearly short too (my time was 25 minutes but my watch said it was just 2.95 miles). That was the event that made me start paying attention to whether or not events are USATF certified.
I haven't yet identified any 5k races that I definitely want to do. But I'm keeping my eyes open. There are two 5k races nearby this Sunday that I could do just to get a baseline for the year. I haven't been running much so I wouldn't have any expectations of a PR this early, but it'd be nice just to see where I'm at.
I have a few more goals in mind, but I'm not sure I'm ready to commit to them yet. Must discuss with the husband as it'd be nice to do the same events this year. Maybe the ride around Lake Tahoe? I have friends who want to ride their first century this year, so it'd be fun to join them too. I'm sure I'll do a sprint tri or two, or three. And the tri club is encouraging people to participate in an upcoming fun adults swim meet. I may have volunteered to swim fly in the 200 medley relay. What was I thinking?


  1. Come visit the bay area - Mermaid Run! April 17th. That's my first one ever.. you can run it and then have plenty of time to do a puzzle and buy a car by the time I finish. ;) (yes it says 09 but it's really for 2010)

  2. Oh I think that's the same day as the first sprint tri of the season out here. It would be fun to see you in your first 5k though... I'll keep it in mind! :)