Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Collagephotos, Athlinks, and nostalgia

Just a quick note to point out two really awesome websites.

Collagevideo.com - Helps you find workout videos/dvds. It shows clips of the dvd plus lets you sort by difficulty, length, type of workout, etc. Really if you are in the market for any kind of workout video, this is the website to visit!

athlinks.com - Amazing collection of race results. Once you register, you can merge all your results (or they might already all be attributed to the same person if 1) you have a unique name and 2) all your races were in the same state) to view all on the same page. Now most of the races I did in the VI aren't on athlinks, but so far I've submitted a few races to them (Carnival Mile, 8 Tuff Miles, Beach to Beach Power Swim) and they've added those results quickly. I plan to submit all the other races that still have race results online, too. With all your race results on the same website, you can quickly see how each 5k compares, which one was your PR, what place you got, etc, and remember where you got all that bling! Here are my race results.

And here's some of my bling!

St. Croix 70.3 2007

Beach to Beach Power Swim (3.5 mile - 1st overall for Dave and 3rd? place AG for me;
and Dad placed in his AG in the 1 miler) 2007

Against the Tide swim (3/4 mile - 2nd place) 2006
(yes we came home and took photos from our deck and
you can see where we swam in the background. *sigh*)

hmm why yes, yes, I am missing the VI right now. It sure was nice to feel like a winner so often! And you can't complain about the weather. Except what it does to the hair...

Nielsam sweep for some 2 mile run

Mother's Against Gun run 2006

And in 2007 my mom did the 2 mile run and won her age group in her first race ever.

Bling for everyone! Oh, yes, I really do miss the VI.


  1. Love the bling. Obviously a family of athletes!!

  2. Hi Kendra! Great pics! We met on saturday's ride from Sarahs house. Hope to ride with you guys again soon.