Thursday, February 18, 2010

Back to normal!

After weeks and weeks of being lazy and lethargic after my Ironman, I'm back to exercising regularly. And it feels good! Last week I ran before work twice - just 30-35 minutes each time, but way better than just sleeping in. Saturday Dave and I joined the tri club for a group ride. In theory I was the leader of the shorter ride. In reality, I was lucky to see two people waiting for me at the top of the last hill. Three months off the bike and a 16 mile hilly ride was enough for me. The ride was partially rural (cows and horses!) and partially on busy streets. Actually I definitely could've ridden longer, even though my legs sure burned on some of those hills. But we planned to keep us this regular exercise routine for awhile so we saw no point in going out and riding the course a second time when it might poop us out.
Sunday morning we went to the Fleet Feet group run again. Dave ran 10 (longest run ever for him)!!! Sierra and I kept it to 5.5 miles with a stop at the doggie park near the end. (We didn't even try to keep up with Cameron, Jennifer, or Jennifer's husband this time.)  Monday was a beautiful day and even though I just wanted to sit at home and finish reading the last book in the Twilight saga, I knew I'd be kicking myself come Tuesday when I would be sitting in my office wishing I could go for a ride. So Dave and I went on a ride to explore the Sacramento Northern railway bike trail. We did a short loop, riding about an hour. The bike trail reminded me of one Lauren and I rode last March in the east bay. It's a paved bike path but every so often you have to cross roads - most of the crossings have crosswalks with lights. It's not nearly as cool as the American River trail, and I don't think I would ride it by myself. We saw some horses. We rode back along an empty levee road that was more enjoyable than the railway trail because it was so empty.
Yesterday I rode my bike to work because the weather was so gorgeous and it made it convenient to go to Cameron's birthday happy hour since Dave drove downtown for happy hour and we just threw my bike in the trunk for the drive home. The ride to work was wonderful! After happy hour, ended up going to PF Changs for dinner spur of the moment. Their gluten free menu once had me enamored but now every time I go in there one more item seems to be removed from the gluten free menu. Not sure what the deal is, but it's annoying to place an order and then have to change your mind because it's no longer gluten free.
This morning Sierra and I went for another short 30 minute run. Since time was short we did some intervals. Aside from my lungs burning from the cold air, I'm enjoying the habit of exercising before work again!

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