Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fleet Feet group run

Dave and I just got back from the Fleet Feet Sunday group run. Every Sunday people show up at 8am and do an out-and-back course along the river. Today's group had people running between 5 and 18 miles. I decided to do 6, since that's what my half marathon training program said I should have done last weekend. I couldn't keep up with my 5 months pregnant friend Jennifer but she and our friend Cameron slowed down every so often so I could pretend I was a part of the conversation every so often. It's nice to run with other people every so often, instead of my usual solo-run, or running with Dave, which is great when he wants an easy jog but he's so much faster than me that he needs to run without me too. Dave ended up doing 9 miles - perhaps his longest run ever! Yay Dave!

My knees bothered me on the run though, so unfortunately I think I need to stop increasing my mileage and just stick to more frequent, lower mileage runs. I think this means I won't be doing the Shamrock'n half marathon in March for my birthday this year. But Dave's run went so well that he signed up for it as soon as we got home! It'll be my turn to be the cheerleader this year! :) We're both signed up for a 100k bike ride in early April though, so instead of long runs on Sundays maybe I'll just start biking again. After the run I used some store credit to buy a 140.6 triathlon license plate frame for my car and I enjoyed the delicious free coffee that was available for the group runners. I think we'll go back again sometime!

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