Friday, January 8, 2010


I was too busy and tired to finish my run report today, but I'll do it soon, I promise. :) In the meantime I thought I should get back in the habit of regular blog posts. I can only draw out the Ironman race report for so many months.

It's January 8, and I don't have a race plan for the year. I'm toying with doing Shamrock'n half marathon on March 14. The reason I haven't signed up? I can't get myself to exercise on a regular basis, let alone run three or four times a week to train for a half marathon. I feel like the laziest person ever right now. I've managed to go for a walk almost every day this week, but I actually haven't run all year! I ran on New Year's Eve first thing in the morning - about 3 miles or so - then I went to get some fasting blood work done. (I'm normal! It's amazing how the gluten free diet fixes everything.) Boy was I hungry by the time I got home! I went back to work this week and a few times this week I tried (quite unsuccessfully) to get up early enough to run before work. I've become quite fond of the snooze button. Even when Dave went running at 6am, I just rolled back over to sleep more. It's not like I'm sleep deprived, I'm getting 9 hours of sleep most nights. But I just can't motivate myself to get out of bed and move my butt in the mornings and I've never been able to convince myself to run after work. I just feel like this:

Dave and I decided to give up refined sugar for the new year, so we went out with a bang. After a dinner at a Thai place we've been to a few times, we made Betty Crocker's gluten free brownies, and topped them with marshmallows near the end of their baking time. We couldn't even eat half the 8x8 pan and we were ready to not see any more sugar until 2011. But it's been hard the last few days. Diet changes are always hard but this seems tougher than going gluten free. Perhaps because it's a choice, whereas with gluten I don't have a choice. Maybe I can blame my laziness on the lack of sugar. Or maybe I'm still on a sugar crash from that New Years sugar fest. I wanted to quit eating refined sugar because I can sometimes get a little obsessed with sweets, and I've read a lot that points to refined sugar being the culprit. It might just be sweeteners in general for me, but I decided I wasn't ready to give up honey and agave, etc, for an entire year. Too much deprivation to deal with all at once. So I'm avoiding refined sugar and in a few months I'll decide if I want to eliminate all added sugar and go back to my pre-IM no dessert rule.

Last year I had a big list of races and events that I used as training goals. Half marathon in mid-March, my first century in May, swim race in June, half iron in July, full aquabike in August,... all to get ready for November 7. But this year I lack an ultimate goal. I'm not desperate to find one though. It's kind of nice, in a very weird and unfamiliar way, to just be coasting along with no real plans. I mean, it's Friday night and I drank a hard cider and I don't have to get up for a long run or a long ride tomorrow; I can take a day trip and go play in the snow with Dave and Sierra! I have free time to read books that don't involve swimming, biking, or running (except for vampire runners)! But it's all a bit weird and I'm not sure I like the lack of structure. But I'm also definitely not ready to commit to anything yet, unless it's a really fun race in a fun place to visit. I feel like I'm in post-Ironman limbo. But I'm sure I'll feel like this again soon enough:

(Yes, Sierra really is the cutest dog in the world! I can't wait to see what she thinks of snow!)

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  1. It will come to you. Often the post ironman year is a bit of a let down. Don't let it be - I had a blast last year and did lots of small races, sprints, olys and one half. It was a great time.