Saturday, November 7, 2009

Less than 26 miles to go!!

Kendra's running now!

I sat outside the condo complex to watch for her as she returned from the bike leg (the condo is about a half-mile from the transition area), figuring I could see her, snap a picture, then walk to the transition area to catch her again as she started the run.

I was *mostly* right. I got so swept up in cheering on the passing riders that I neglected to keep my camera at the ready (it was in my hand, but not turned on). Kendra actually saw me before I saw her, and she called out to me with a big smile on her face. I cheered and whooped, and she told me she'd had a flat tire out on the course. That would explain the delay - she passed me right about 4 o'clock, approximately 7h 20m after she left T1. She seemed to be in great spirits despite the setback. And she was way, way, way ahead of the 5:30 p.m. deadline for finishing the bike.

I walked on over to the run course, and talked to Dave on the way, so I found out where he was standing, closer to the transition area. He'd seen Kendra finish the bike too, and he got a couple of pictures, so Kendra will be able to post those later (they don't have the connector wire to hook up their camera to the laptop, sadly).

The first segment of the run is a tiny little out-and-back, so by standing at the roadside, we spectators got to see our athletes pass by twice in a very short space of time. Felt like a lot of welcome Kendra-time after such a long period sending general thoughts of support and cheer out into the ether, not knowing exactly where she was at any given time! It was oddly frustrating, sitting around for so many hours and waiting - I felt like I wasn't doing my job as a supporter! (I also came to an epiphany as I sat by the roadside, anticipating her return, when I noticed it was 3:30 and I'd been up for 12 hours and was feeling somewhat drowsy, and then I thought about how all these people zooming by me had also been up for 12 hours, but *they* had been swimming in freezing cold water and then biking in the hot sun and fairly constant wind, and that they all had a full marathon up ahead of them before they could sit down and relax. My epiphany: I will never be an Ironman. And I'm okay with that!! I'm happy to sit in awe of what my friend, and thousands of other strangers, are achieving today, and respect it while in no way understanding it!)

Ok, enough about me, and back to the race! I got a couple of pictures as Kendra set out for the run:

Like I said, Kendra seemed to be in great spirits, and she was also lucid enough to correct me -- I shouted out "See you in 26 miles!" But remembering that it's a double-loop run course, Kendra chuckled and said, "How about 13?" Oops - good point!

It's getting dark already, and cooling off quickly. Good thing she's got her long-sleeved jersey (complete with smiley face) with her. Now that it's dark, the camera's flash should capture the effect quite nicely... (The runners are also being given glow sticks to ensure their visibility on the road).

Hope to post more after 13 miles! Stay tuned!


  1. yay, she's doing so GREAT!!! Also - if she does want to post pics before she gets back home, she can probably take the chip out of her camera and put it in yours, then move them from your camera to the computer. Or even if they can't plug into the computer, they should be able to plug into the photo machines (with their chip or the store's cord) at Target or walmart, getting the pics on a CD is only about $2 and she could get them onto the computer that way. OR - you can run to radio shack or someplace and get a USB plug that holds camera chips, they're less than $10 and super-handy anyway (we just keep one with our laptop... can you tell we've forgotten our connector cord on many a trip?)... good luck, keep running!!!

  2. Karen, Kendra's momNovember 7, 2009 at 5:48 PM

    Awesome times. Enjoying the updates. Thanks Lauren...and Dave for all the great supposrt.

  3. Almost there Kendra!