Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Check-in day!

Today the Ironman village officially opens. We've seen the tents get
put up - it's just a little bit down the road from us (maybe a mile?).
I'm walking over there soon to get a massage to help loosen up my
muscles before race day. (I'm getting the massage today so if it ends
up making me more sore at all, I'll be recovered by race day.) Got to
get all the travel kinks out. I'm a little nervous as in just a few
hours I'll have my athlete ID bracelet on and this will all be even
more real than it is right now!

Tuesday morning was another wake up and go join the other triathletes
in the water. It was great. Later in the day Dave wanted to swim too,
so I went out with him again. I complained about how cold it was going
to be (without my wetsuit) the whole walk down to the water, mostly
because I was in a damp bathing suit. But once we got in the water it
was wonderful. Refreshing. Just swam about 10 or 15 minutes. Swimming
after Dave and watching him dive down to look at fish or whatever was
on the bottom of the water reminded me of our weekend swims on St

Yesterday we also drove the bike course, all 112 miles. It's pretty
flat except for a bridge at mile 12 and 100. A few rolling hills, but
I think they'll be a welcome change from the flatness. The roads seem
to be pretty nicely paved too. Tree lined highways for the most part.
The bike course cutoff is 5:15 and I'm really surprised it's that late
given that I bet legally after 4:45 you probably need lights on a
bicycle here.

Last night we drove the run course after realizing there was no point
to waiting til daylight today, since the vast majority of the run will
be in the dark for me. I'm a little concerned about the run course.
It's out-and-back twice, and the roads are not very good. It's mostly
through a residential area, no sidewalks, beat up roads, and some
speed bumps. I'm worried about tripping or turning an ankle given how
un-smooth the roads are. But I guess I turned my ankle and still ran
14 miles a few months ago so I'm prepared for that too right. It's
pretty dark out there too. I can see why they suggest putting
reflective gear on your running outfit. Lauren's going to bring me
some pink reflective dots.

Today at check-in I'll get my transition and special needs bags. I've
spread out my gear into piles in the condo and it'll be nice to put
everything in the proper bags. Although I may leave it all out for
another day so I don't have to reopen the bags to quadruple check that
I put everything in properly. Time to boogie on down the beach and
start the day!


  1. I am not even racing and I am getting excited for this race, have fun!!

  2. Thanks for your support! I'm excited too!