Friday, October 30, 2009


Hey there - I'm Lauren, a friend of Kendra's, and I'll be your guest blogger on November 7th!  This is mostly a test post to make sure that I actually can post to Kendra's blog.
I'll be flying to Florida next week so I can be there to support Kendra on the big day - and I can't wait!  Kendra and I actually did our first triathlon together way back in 1998 in San Diego, so it's awesome to be able to witness her rise to the pinnacle of triathlon events. 
Word is, there's free wireless access at the resort where the IM will take place, and I plan to have my camera and my computer with me for the day so that I can post updates and pictures as the race progresses.  So, stay tuned on race-day!  I'll do my best to find Kendra and snap some shots throughout the day, along the course and in the Transition Area so you all can feel like you're there too.
Finally, I will be going with Kendra this evening to the NFCA's Gluten Free Cooking Spree on Treasure Island in San Francisco (the beautiful city I like to call home) to check out the amazing GF food and information they'll have to share with the public.  I'm really looking forward to that, too.  Though I have no known food allergies, I do follow a vegan diet, so I do know what it feels like to always have to quiz restaurant staff about ingredients, to feel like I can't just eat anywhere I (or my companions) want to, to never quite feel sure if I can trust the information I'm getting about the food I'm about to put in my mouth, and to stand in the grocery store aisles carefully dissecting the ingredients list on the backs of packaged foods.  Events like the Cooking Spree are wonderful for raising awareness about special dietary needs, and I can't wait to be among fellow label-readers for an evening of celebrating food and good health!
One more thing until next week - don't forget to donate to Kendra's Ironman fundraising efforts!!


  1. Great post, Lauren! see you tonight!

  2. Great Lauren, we'll look forward to your posts on race day.

  3. Hey Lauren - Thanks offering to be Kendra's guest blogger. I'll be cheering her on from here is San Diego - thanks in advance!