Friday, October 2, 2009

Stupid flu shot, more shopping

I have never had a reaction to a flu shot, but this year I did! Or at least I'm pretty sure that's why I felt achy, slightly feverish, tired, a bit congested, and with a sore throat for the last 48 hours. "They" say the side effects only last a day or two, so I am banking on feeling 100% by tomorrow AM when I get up to do my brick workout. I am glad I got the shot during a recovery week since "just in case" became a reality. Yesterday and today became extra rest days. Although today I did ride a couple of miles to avoid paying for parking downtown, and because I prefer riding my bike to Fleet Feet over driving there. Nobody cares when I just bring my bike inside the store and lean it up against a wall and spend tons of money. The owner of FF is heading to Kona tomorrow and someone stole his bike last weekend. Sucks! We have jerky bike thieves here. Stole Lance's bike in February too.

At Fleet Feet I bought some more Carb Boom - vanilla orange in a big jug. The woman started to ask if I needed any help with nutrition, while she was putting things away, but then she looked up and recognized me and said "oh you know what you need" and realized I'm the reason they are out of Watermelon Carb Boom. I did end up chatting with ultramarathoner Justin, who just did IM Wisconsin, a little about protein though. He remembered I'm on a gluten free diet (I guess I really am a regular, or just high maintenance enough to be remembered) and suggested Bonk Breakers, which seemed okay when I looked at the label (well the source of "malt" wasn't listed, but the company already wrote back to my email and said it's rice malt). But when I took another look I saw it has "oats" and I'm avoiding oats per my doctor too right now. Oh and Justin had a good (?) idea for salt intake - mustard packets! I may consider it.

I also ended up buying the AquaSphere Seal goggles which is actually what I'd walked in there looking for. My googling told me they'd be good goggles. (try typing that 5 times fast.) I'll try them out on Sunday. Hopefully I won't feel like I'm snorkeling. This was the first time I ever tried on a pair of goggles dry and had them stick to my face, like how a good fitting goggle is supposed to. So I have high hopes. I also bought a few sample sizes of Body Glide, which I plan to put in the special needs bag or maybe just my transition bag, so I won't need a bunch of full size containers.

I finally signed up with Tri Bike Transport this week and paid the balance for the condo and reserved a rental car. I even gave myself a flat tire to force myself to practice changing one. But I haven't done the changing yet.

Time to finish preparing for tomorrow's brick and get to bed so hopefully my throat will stop hurting and I'll feel healthy again when I wake up. I'm thankful that tomorrow's high is only supposed to be 75, though I'm hoping it's not too chilly in the morning when I get started! Yes, I recognize that I'm picky. You would be too after two years on a tropical island with lows in the mid-70s and highs in the 80s every single day of the year. I guess to really prepare for IMFL I should perhaps take a cold shower and then go for the bike ride and run. Nothing like being wet to create an uncomfortable wind chill.

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  1. I'm not going to know what to do if it's cold... maybe do the swim and go up and take a hot shower in the condo before going out on the bike??? Do they allow that?