Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sitting around

This past week was pretty much a disaster as far as training. Pretty much the same as my first week in August.  I think I can actually list the totals without even looking at my calendar or training log:

Totals from last week (Mon-Sun):
Swim: 0 miles (0 yds); 0 minutes
Bike: 26 miles; 132 minutes
Run: 0 miles; 0 minutes
Weights: 0 min
Abs: 1 min
Total: 133 minutes (2 hours, 13 minutes) 

I'm pretty sure that's a record for the year. None of the cycling was what I'd call a workout at all either. Mostly just to get my legs moving a little and to avoid paying for parking at work on Friday. I did one hour on the trainer tonight, which is double what I did yesterday. I think the key right now is not trying to workout outside. Go for a walk outside - breathing goes downhill. Ride for 30 minutes outside yesterday? Come home and suck on the nebulizer for awhile. Sure haven't been feeling like an ironman lately. Three weeks ago I rode 100 miles followed by a 2 mile run. Friday I couldn't decide if I could ride my bike 2.5 miles to work or if 1 mile would be the max I could handle. I went with the 2.5 each way and it worked out okay, minus the fall at the end. I stopped to help a woman with her bike and stood there too long evaluating the situation without unclipping my other shoe, so by the time I went to get off my bike to help her, I'd forgotten I was still clipped in. The time before this that I fell off my bike I ended up with stitches in my knee. This time I have a big scrape in the same area, but luckily it's not very deep. I'm still finding new bruises from the fall but thankfully nothing serious, and it was on my Trek so I'm not too worried about the bent handlebars right now. Just glad I got this year's fall out of the way and now I can move on.

Yesterday was Kona, so Florida is the next Ironman race. It's weird to see Florida at the top of the page on I watched a bit of the Kona event online. It was fun to watch Chrissie Wellington and Craig Alexander win. How can you not like a woman who is kicking serious butt and smiling the whole time? She's awesome. I tend to cheer for Crowie and Macca because they were both so nice when I met them at the St Croix 70.3 race in 2007. It's also heartbreaking to watch or track the people who don't get to finish. Just reminding me that the 17 hour cut off is not the only time cut off out there. I was really hoping Rudy Garcia-Tolson would make it. And I'm always cheering for Sister Madonna too.

It's weird having a week off from workouts. It's something I've been looking forward to every so often - but I didn't want or expect it until November 8. It's actually not as great as I'd imagined. Sleeping past 6am is a treat, and it's nice to enjoy a weekend morning at the farmers market. But sitting around on my butt for days on end is really not as fun as I'd imagined.


  1. If your base is there... this time off may actually help race day. A healed body is what is needed Nov. 7.

  2. Kendra - you have been working hard all year for this, so be confident in your training and know you have what it takes to complete the 140.6 on November 7, even with an extra week off here and there.

  3. Thanks Bob and Anne! I'm feeling better and got some training in today and yesterday, which makes me feel even better.