Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Running again

Yay, I ran this morning! It was the first time in about 10 days that I went running, since I was sick last week. It felt good, not hard, though my heart rate was a little higher than I felt it should've been for the pace, so I had to keep a slow pace. But 3 miles is 3 miles, and it got me back into the swing of things. Yesterday I just had time for about 30 minutes on the trainer. Running can be so much more satisfying!

The storm we had was pretty impressive. I rode my bike part way to work this morning, and the bike path was just full of debris. I was glad I rode my hybrid with the thick tires instead of my road bike! The county did a great job cleaning up though - by the time I rode home from work the bike path looked brand new! I didn't see anyone else on the normally busy path today.

We had a breakfast party today at work for people who used alternative transportation to get to work. Usually I just don't eat anything at gatherings that involve food since I can never tell what is gluten free. My coworkers were thoughtful enough to slice the bananas with a clean knife so that I didn't have to worry about bagel crumbs. Yay for gluten-free awareness! Bananas are my favorite post-workout fruit, so it was a great snack after my run and bike commute!

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  1. 23 days? Wow!! I kind of feel like I need to put in another couple 100s or something, you know?? Dont hurt yourself running (I know it's tough to lay off)but you will appreciate it come Nov 7