Thursday, October 22, 2009

Nutrition plan and run to work day

I had a little freak out about my nutrition plan today. A woman in the bike shop this weekend started giving me her free advice about Ironman racing. Normally I take all free advice I can get and then try to come up with what works for me. I think this close to race day though, I need to learn to not listen to some people because they will just freak me out when they give complete opposite advice of what I'd been planning on. I still haven't written out my nutrition plan as I hoped to do last weekend, but I made a start today and will hopefully have some time to work on it more tomorrow during my lunch break. One of my concerns has been sodium, and I think I've got it figured out with my Endurolytes and sprinkling some salt in my bento box. Gluten free sports food is not as high in sodium as a lot of the standard sports foods, so it's a bit of a concern. I've been doing okay so far though. On the run, they'll have pretzels which I obviously can't eat, but I'll be carrying my own Glutino GF pretzels. There will also be warm broth after dark for people to drink. I've done a little research and it seems about a 50/50 chance of having gluten free broth. I'm going to try to find out if it'll be safe for me, I hope it will be because warm salty broth sounds like it might be heaven on the run course. But otherwise I may bring some of my own and just drink it cold.

I did my 8 mile run today by running to work. Dave and the dog joined me for the warmup 2 miles which conveniently ended at a dog park where they played for a bit before turning around and running home. I, on the other hand, sped up and ran 4 tempo miles. Felt a little hard near the end. I blame the 2 hills. Sure got my heart rate going! The last 2 miles were the cooldown. I think every time I've run to work has been a Thursday. I always run past the farmers market. I was tempted by the persimmons but I didn't feel like running another mile with a bag of fruit. I love running to work! It's so much fun to get my commute and workout done simultaneously. Same as when I bike commute, but the running version still has the novel factor. I timed the run exactly right - 90 minutes almost on the dot. Gave me time to stretch and still get to work on time. I absolutely love having a locker and shower at work. I left my clothes there yesterday, so I just carried my Camelbak with a few essentials this morning.

Lately I've been looking forward to post-Ironman life. I don't think I'm burnt out. I just want to sleep in for a change! Getting out of bed is the hardest part of my workouts it seems. Except for swimming. Getting in the pool is the hardest part. Ugh. tomorrow's swim... in the morning with the fog? or in the afternoon with the masters swimmers? One way or another it's got to get done!


  1. I hear you on the pool...since the weather has turned cold, I have no desire to jump in!

  2. Post Ironman life??? Isn't it one week off and start over for next year?

  3. I think the chances of me signing up for IMFL '10 are less than the chances of me signing up to do IMAZ '09 as a community fund participant.

    My swim ended up being great. They heat the pool now, so it's WARM!

  4. Hi Kendra, I'm planning on doing IM Louisville in Aug. It will be my 6th IM but my first since celiac diagnosis. Have you tried salt tablets for your sodium needs? They have worked for me in the past. I hadn't thought about the broth having gluten - it is the best thing ever!!! Maybe you could put a thermos in your special needs run bag with broth? Good luck

  5. Hi Lynda, thanks for commenting! I do take Endurolytes, for the sodium and other electrolytes. I guess I just feel like since it's my first IM, I'm not sure what to expect with regard to sodium (and other) needs! I am planning to have some broth of my own in special needs bag. Maybe in T2 too? But I'm sure it's not going to be warm by the time I get to it. You've got plenty of time to work on any changes to your training foods before August!