Thursday, October 29, 2009

It's happening

November 7 has been on my radar for over a year, since I signed up on November 2 last year. Today was my last day of work until after the Ironman. This is all really happening! It seems surreal right now. Maybe tomorrow morning when I wake up and have a million things to do after my swim workout, it'll seem more real. I know time is moving forward like it always does, and before I know it, I'll be on Panama City Beach in a wetsuit running into the Gulf of Mexico to swim 2.4 miles as a warmup to a nice long bike ride and then a cooldown run before crossing the finish line while Mike Reilly tells me "Kendra Nielsam, you are an Ironman!"

Over the last week, I have really been all over the board with emotions about November 7. Everything comes in waves. Excited, nervous, scared, worried, excited, calm. I'm packing my training log. I can look at it and know that I've done the training for this. I can't let myself freak out about what could happen on race day. I just need to be prepared for whatever could happen.

Fundraising for the NFCA has really given me something else to focus on other than the race. It's been really great to feel like my race has a purpose - more than just a "I've always wanted to do an Ironman." I'm not just doing this for myself anymore. It's added to my To Do list, but in a good way. I feel like I'm making a difference. I've got lots of people cheering for me, and I know I'll be thinking of them all on race day, wondering if anyone is really tracking me. If you haven't donated yet, now is the time. You can donate here:  Donations raised before my race count towards the Janus Charity Challenge total. The higher my total, the more likely the NFCA will get extra money from Janus for my fundraising efforts. Top fundraisers get additional funds for their nonprofit donated by Janus.

My To Do list until I get to Florida.
  • Swim
  • Stretch
  • Buy Gu Chomps w/ caffeine
  • Buy Glutino pretzels
  • Buy gluten free chicken broth
  • Pack wetsuit, goggles, swimsuit, tri suit, bike clothes, run clothes, run gear, food for race day, plus clothes and food for every other day, etc
  • Go to National Foundation for Celiac Awareness' Gluten Free Cooking Spree 
  • Resist temptation to eat any dessert at the Gluten Free Cooking Spree (dessert free since September 20! Just 9 more days til I can have a sweet!) 
  • Turn in checks with offline donations to the NFCA.
  • Raise more money for the NFCA
  • Stretch
  • Sleep
  • Run
  • Stretch
  • Pack some more
  • Write my nutrition plan - make sure I've got everything I need
  • Write my race day plan. Maybe a race week plan too. 
  • Take the doggie to the boarders :( Beg them to post pics of her on their blog regularly.
  • Stretch
  • Sleep
  • Stretch
  • Thank Artemis profusely for taking us to the airport
  • Fly


  1. So exciting!!! Here's another one for your list: Think about what dessert you are going to have to celebrate your Ironman victory!!

  2. Oh I don't have to think about that. I'm packing a GF brownie mix and I will have a GF brownie waiting for me at the finish. I wonder if I'll even want it then! But surely by the flight home I'll be ready for brownies.