Saturday, October 31, 2009

Gluten Free Cooking Spree; 7 days til Ironman!

Last night Lauren, Dave and I went to the NFCA's Gluten Free Cooking Spree. It was awesome! (Except for the absolutely insane traffic which made us get there super late! We're lucky we didn't miss the whole thing.) It's so funny how after being on a gluten free diet for 9 months, I'm programmed to check labels and ingredients of everything, and I just assume I can't eat anything at social events. Last night was completely different. There was tons of food and I could eat any of it safely! I found myself in disbelief a few times. It was wonderful to meet some of the people who work for the NFCA. They are really fantastic and doing great work. I met a lot of interesting gluten free people last night!

I was only mildly disappointed to miss out on the gluten free desserts they had available; I had to stick to my plan of no dessert until after the race next week! I'm kind of amazed how it hasn't been too difficult for the most part. Fruit can sure do the trick most of the time! We're flying tomorrow and Melanie at the Gluten Free Specialty Market suggested a St Dalfour Gourmet on the Go salmon meal. She's never steered me wrong yet, so I bought one for each travel day. Can't wait to try it tomorrow! Melanie also donated a fantastic basket of my favorite gluten free foods for the Cooking Spree last night. It was raffled off and raised a bunch more money for the NFCA. I'm so lucky to live near her shop. You can read my reviews of some of the basket items and her shop here.

I had a short 5 mile run today, including 2 tempo miles. I think the taper is going well, as the run felt great. Looking at next week's plan, my workouts are all less than an hour long. I'm going to be rested and ready! I'm thankful for the extra hour tonight due to the clocks changing. I really needed it to pack. I have never brought so much luggage with me on a vacation! Tomorrow we'll be in Florida and the countdown to race day will continue!

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  1. Taper week is the best week!! Good luck and enjoy the reward for all your hard work!!