Friday, October 16, 2009

Foggy run with the doggy

This morning Sierra and I ran 4 miles. Whenever I run with Sierra my pace is always a little less consistent, but she loves getting out to run, and a tired dog is a happy dog. We encountered our first fog of the season. Sierra just blended in with the white mist!

I was expecting to get to November without worrying about fog! I like to do my workouts from home (it just seems silly to drive somewhere to run or ride my bike), but if it's foggy tomorrow I'll probably get my cycling done on the bike path instead of the roads. Safety first!

My evening included a massage to loosen up my muscles for Sunday's 20 mile run, and a trip to Gluten Free Specialty. The owner, Melanie, is helping me with my fundraising efforts. I hadn't been in there for a few weeks since I swore off desserts until the race (fruit doesn't count!). The cinnamon rolls she sells from Azna Gluten Free are just amazing and impossible to resist. I guess my mental training this month has paid off as I managed to leave without buying the cinnamon rolls. When I get back from Florida though, they will be the first item on my shopping list!

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  1. 20 miles!!! Girl, dont hurt yourself, 20.5 days to go!!