Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Feeling fishy

I'm feeling much better now. Yesterday Dave went to the gym with me. He got a free 2 week gym pass and almost 2 weeks off of work. I'm jealous! We both had the day off yesterday though so I did some weight lifting while he got the gym tour, then we swam together. I tried out my new goggles - the Aquasphere Seal goggles.  WOW. The visibility on them is awesome. Swimming with them made me feel like a fish. I just felt like I was just swimming without goggles but with perfect vision. It reminded me of swimming at Coki beach on St Thomas where it's just like a huge bathtub and you can see fish everywhere. The only problem was flip turns seemed to cause minute leakage. I'm not sure if they'll leak without flipturns. I want to try them again and make some adjustments. Or try a slightly different style. Basically near the bridge I felt like there was a tinsy leak, but nothing serious. I'm not exactly sure what the problem is.
Later in the evening I rode on the trainer for an hour again. My biggest accomplishment was probably not buying marshmallows at the store last night. I've been doing great on swearing off non-fruit desserts until November 7, but I almost caved when Dave tried to bribe me with marshmallows over the weekend. One per 10 minutes on the bike. I'm proud to say I've done 120 minutes on the bike and eaten zero marshmallows. I'm feeling like a fish today too because we have a major storm going on.
I've decided to join the Janus Charity Challenge and will post more about that shortly!


  1. Sounds like things are looking up. The new goggles sound like a major improvement, all you need is some colorful fish to feel like you're in the VI. :) Hurray for togetherness!

  2. Nice job on not taking the marshmallow bribe!! You should find something else that's not food to reward yourself with. Maybe a new song from itunes that you can cycle to?

  3. Kelly, Thanks for the great idea on itunes songs as a reward!