Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bib number 63!

I suffer from first Ironman neurosis. Although, according to my bike shop (they say they specialized in first Ironman neurosis), I'm doing really well and I'm not too crazy. I've called them a few times since my husband dropped my bike off there yesterday asking them things like "did he remember to tell you I wanted some spare tubes put in my gear bag?" (yes) and "can you check the flask holder and make sure it's exactly in the right spot (then explained where it needs to be)" (already done, your husband told us that too) and today "When I was trying to sleep last night I realized I forgot to weigh my gear bag! Can you make sure it's under 25 lbs?" (don't worry about it, it's definitely fine) They've been incredibly awesome and reassuring every time, and always tell me to feel free to call back as many times as I need to. Davis Wheelworks rocks. My coach has been really incredible too!
Part of my disorder has left me compulsively checking the Ironman Florida website daily (yes, sometimes more often) to see if bib numbers have been posted. Why? I have no clue. It doesn't really matter what my bib number is until it's race day. But it's just more information about race day for me. I am a numbers geek, so it matters to me. The silly thing is, I felt like Ironman would surely email us when race numbers were posted, so why bother checking the website?  Today was the magical day though. Instead of "NA" being next to my name in the bib number column, a number was there when I checked the website at lunchtime. I am number 63! 63! Out of 2874! That is a LOT of people! In 11 days I will be running into the ocean with 2814 people (the 60 pros get a 10 minute head start). 2814 people and we'll all be swimming to the same buoy. It's going to be brutal. Hopefully the exhilaration will triumph over fear as I get pushed, shoved, dunked, kicked, punched?, and swam over. (My coach once got a black eye, as a pro!)
This morning I ran 6 miles - all on the treadmill because it is incredibly windy here today. Around mile 5, I realized Ironman is NEXT WEEK! It seems silly to just now come to this realization; my watch has been counting down for me for about 300 days. But there's a difference between thinking something is 11 days away and realizing it's next week. Next week seems sooner. I only have one more weekend of workouts, and not even a full weekend since Sunday is a travel day. OH MY GOODNESS. Things are happening SO FAST! (Speaking of fast, the beat at the end of Free Bird by Lynard Skynard is a good one for running fast! If I hadn't been on a treadmill I know I would've sped up when it played on my ipod this morning!) November 7 isn't on the 10 day forecast just yet though. I know it's going to be windy. My ride on Sunday was super windy, so I hope that helped mentally prepare me. It's hard not to get discouraged when the wind is beating you up on the bike.
This first Ironman neurosis is a bit complicated. Sometimes I'm super excited about the race. Then I have a little freak out. I think about all the things that could go wrong. Or about things I could be forgetting. I worry. Then I have a great workout and think about how awesome I am feeling and I go back to being excited about the race again. We're packing DVDs to watch in the days before the race. DVDs to relax and just take it easy. I'm thinking Arrested Development. I had a wonderful massage last night (rest day!) and that helped loosen up my muscles that were tired from my weekend workouts and it helped me relax a bit too. Although when I wasn't dozing off I was working on my mental training. Visualization is where it's at!
My fundraising for the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness is going well. Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed! There is still time to donate. If you can, a donation of my race number ($63) would be much appreciated. Or $17 for the 17 hour time limit! Check out my prior post for other suggestions. You can still make a donation by clicking here: http://januscharitychallenge.kintera.org/fl09/kendra  Thank you!
Totals from last week (Mon-Sun):
Swim: 3.4 miles; 130 minutes
Bike: 162.2 miles; 629 minutes
Run: 13 miles; 150 minutes
Total: 909 minutes (15 hours, 9 minutes)

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  1. It sounds like you are a couple days ahead of me on the packing, so you will be totally blissed out while I am freaking out next Tuesday night!

    My #1 goal when I get to PCB is to refine my swim strategy to make sure I avoid the washing machine as much as possible!

    Have a great week -- I hope to meet you at Bob's NEXT WEEK!