Thursday, October 8, 2009

30 days to go

Ironman Florida is 30 days away. Think the lack of posts is because I've been out working hard? Nope. I've worked out two of the last seven days, and those workouts were sandwiched by breathing treatments. I don't know when I last exercised so few days in a week. Maybe last December when I was having major IT band problems and it was too dark and foggy to ride my bike to work. My flu-shot related symptoms gave way to major breathing problems. I pushed through a bit over the weekend, doing a shortened brick on Saturday - half of the bike portion I rode inside because it was getting hard to breathe outside in the wind, but then the breathing improved so I decided to go for the 6 mile run anyways, and I guess that didn't help things. Sunday I went for a 60 mile ride, cut my warmup short because I wasn't sure I was going to make it through all 60. I ended up with 60.5 but even up until the last 3 miles I couldn't have told you if I was going to finish it. By Sunday night I realized I wasn't helping things, the asthma wasn't getting any better, though it wasn't really getting much worse either. Having a coach right now has been invaluable. I don't have to freak out alone about this all happening a month before the race. Poor Jamima though. Probably doesn't know what to do with me. Me neither. I saw my asthma doc yesterday and when I mentioned I've got a 20 mile run on Saturday, he reminded me about the two people who died in the San Jose half marathon on Sunday. He's sweet like that. I've got a sinus infection which exacerbated the asthma. Antibiotics and prednisone. Whoopee. At least the steroids aren't on the WADA prohibited substance list. (Although I'm still waiting to hear from Ironman whether a back of the pack age grouper needs a therapeutic use exception for another asthma med which is on the list.) Hopefully by tomorrow morning the drugs will have really kicked in and I can get back with the program. Well, the modified program that will be developed as soon as we figure out when it'll be okay for me to start doing some cardio again. This is totally ridiculous.


  1. Get well... dont worry about the training. You have enough in the bank to finish, plus the atmosphere is much cleaner on your lungs here in good old Florida :)

  2. Amen to the ONEHOURIRONMAN. Sounds like a really hard time. Try to get enough rest now, you'll be ready. That fresh Florida air should be easy breathing.