Saturday, October 17, 2009

3 weeks!

Ironman Florida is exactly 3 weeks from today. In exactly 21 days I will be running, hopefully just a couple hours away from finishing and becoming an Ironman! In some ways it seems too soon. I'd love more time to get ready. But at the same time, I've been training for this for a year, so I should be ready!

I really need to start going to bed earlier for the next few weeks so that I will be used to waking up super early and more importantly, I'll feel well rested on race day. All summer I was starting my workouts by 8am or 9am, and today I slept in until 8am! I only had to ride 30 miles, so I didn't feel the need to set my alarm. :)

Balancing training with the rest of my life can be tricky sometimes. My husband suggested I use my 30 miles to ride over to Davis where we could go to the farmers' market together. Unfortunately I didn't get started early enough for that to happen, but it did work out to have him meet me there and have lunch together at the gluten free restaurant, Farmer's Kitchen Cafe. We split their bio-regional salad and a curry dish. I feel a little silly getting a salad at a gluten free restaurant, since salad is easy to make gluten free, but this salad is so delicious and packed with lots of awesome fruits and vegetables (all local and organic!)! Strawberries, tomatoes, cantaloupe, oranges, sweet peppers, purple cabbage, breakfast radishes, baby broccoli, steamed green beans, onions, summer squash, baby carrots, pickled beets, and free range hard-boiled eggs! I should really take a photo of it next time. We bought a loaf of their bread too. I'm thinking it's going to sound like the perfect post-long run food tomorrow. Maybe also that frozen Glutino pizza I bought last night. If I can't indulge in bread and pizza after a 20 mile run, when can I?

I feel fortunate to live in such a bicycle friendly area. How many interstate highways have bicycle paths right along side them? I rode next to I-80 for the first time, as I'd never ridden to Davis until today. It sure is loud with all the speeding cars thisclose to me (there is a divider and a fence, so it's not scary just loud), but for some reason I felt like I was riding faster than usual, too. My ride included some intervals too so the workout was interesting and the new route was interesting too. Thanks go to my husband for checking google maps for me when I got lost twice and had to call him at home for help!

Before my husband drove over to meet me for lunch, I spent some time at my favorite bike shop. I've been having problems with my toes going numb and hopefully the adjustments we made to the shoes today will alleviate that. It's too close to the race to try new shoes since I don't have any more long rides to do. I also bought a new piece of equipment that will hold a gel flask on my top tube so that I can have one less thing in my jersey pockets during the race. Since I can't eat the food that will be offered during the race, I am carrying my own. Fuel for 112 miles takes up a lot of space, so the more that I can have be on my bike instead of my person, the better!

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  1. That salad sounds wonderful! And so does Hubby for all the assistance. Sounds like Saturday was a great day.