Monday, October 19, 2009

20 mile run - done!

I had such an awesome 20 mile run!!! It always seems to take me the first few miles to get into a groove but once I got going, I was going! I ran on the bike path. I started near mile marker 13 ran and when my watch told me I'd run 5 miles (just past marker 18) I turned around and went back to 13 and then started over again. I did this out-and-back twice because that's what the run course in Florida will be like. Mentally it can be more challenging for me to have to run all the way back to the "start/finish" and then start all over again. Since I'm working on increasing my mental toughness, I figured doing a long run like this would work my mental strength. I'm pretty slow so I also tried to imagine that there were other runners around me who were on their second lap, since that is pretty likely to happen too. And I know that there will be spectators saying "you're almost done!" who might think I only have 2 miles to go when really I've got 16, but if you think about it, I will still almost be done even if I have another lap on the run course to go.

Physically the run was challenging but not too difficult at any particular time. The first 10 miles I felt super strong and was really feeling good about myself. I didn't really have a low point in the run, but the second 10 miles did feel harder. My legs were getting tired near the end, but I managed to run 2 of my fastest miles in the last 3 miles!  At some point in the last 5 miles I realized the playlist on my ipod had started over. Guess the playlist is shorter than 4 hours! I decided to use my ipod on this last long run because I thought it would help me run faster which in turn would help me be more prepared for Florida. I'm glad I used it. Madonna's "Like a Prayer" seems to always keep my feet moving.

I got a bit tired of the Carb Boom watermelon gels I was using during this run, but I think I just needed a different flavor. I love the watermelon flavor but I just needed a temporary change. Today I used apple cinnamon gels when I was cycling, and it tasted much better. I'll definitely bring a variety to Florida with me so I can choose from multiple flavors. After the long run yesterday I sat in an ice bath for about 15 or 20 minutes. It was so incredibly cold that I almost cried. But I knew my legs would appreciate it to help reduce inflammation.

Today's workout was a 40 mile bike ride. Since it was rainy I decided to hook my bike up to the stationary trainer so that I could ride indoors instead. I didn't want to use my new tires on the trainer since it can wear them out, so it forced me to change the tire. I'm going to practice changing tires a few more times before the race. I think I'm getting pretty good at it! The bicycling today was tough. It's boring to ride indoors, so I watched some episodes of Felicity on dvd. My legs were definitely feeling tired, but I finished the ride. Then I swam!  Now it's time for a lot of stretching. My legs are getting more sore as the day progresses. I bet I'm going to be pretty sore tomorrow - good thing it's a rest day!


  1. Nice workouts!! Keep up the work and the ice baths too!

  2. Thanks Kelly! I think the best part about the ice baths is getting out of them and into cozy pjs! But I will continue them. They sure help!