Wednesday, October 21, 2009

17 and other numbers

Thank you to each of you who have generously made a tax-deductible donation to the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness through my Janus Charity Challenge fundraising website. Please help me spread the word to your friends, family, networks, and celiacs you know. Even small donations can make a difference! I've only got about 2 weeks to raise donations so the time is now!

If you're trying to decide on the perfect amount to donate, consider $17 since the Ironman time limit is 17 hours and it is exactly 17 days away today! 17 is also the percent of celiac patients who have an immediate family member who also has celiac. Here are some other numbers to consider if you're not in a 17 kind of mood right now:

  • 9.00 - hours it'll take the first pro woman to finish the entire race and months I'll be gluten free on race day
  • 10.00 - years it takes for the average Celiac to be correctly diagnosed
  • 112.00 - miles I'll bike after a 2.4 mile swim
  • 26.20 - miles I'll run after that bike ride
  • 95.00 - percent of Americans with Celiac disease who are undiagnosed or misdiagnosed with other conditions
  • 98.60 - millions of dollars that the movie "Iron Man" opened with (no relation to Ironman)
  • 370.00 - days I will have been waiting for race day
  • 70.30 - miles I traveled in my longest triathlon so far
  • 140.60 - miles I'll travel by swimming, biking, and running (and walking) on November 7
  • 50.00 - years it's taken for the rate of celiac disease to quadruple (yes, the actual disease, not just diagnosis)

And a few more numbers to add to my training log:

Totals from last week (Mon-Sun):
Swim: 1/2 mile; 20 minutes
Bike: 73.2 miles; 286.5 minutes
Run: 27 miles; 339.5 minutes
Weights: 25 minutes
Total: 671 minutes (11 hours, 11 minutes)

Yesterday's rest day was much appreciated! I spent my usual workout time shopping at Fleet Feet for a different pair of goggles, and picked up a few more Carb Boom gels. Once I got home I practiced changing tired - both the front and the back tires. Glad to know I can do it! I've got a 30 mile ride to do before work now. I just joined twitter too, so you can see more frequent updates there. I'm going to try to convince my husband to tweet on race day about my progress too!


  1. Party at Sunbird condos 203East at 7pm Wednesday night. 3 or 4 from blogland to be there. More news later

  2. Awesome! Thanks for keeping me in the loop! It'll be nice to meet people and have familiar faces to look for during the race!