Saturday, September 12, 2009

Weekends exist for long workouts!

Today was the first time in awhile my husband got to join me on some of my workouts. He took charge of the dog as I started the 16 mile run. The three of us ran the mile to the new dog park near us where I paused to stretch, then they played at the dog park while I ran a mile or so loop back to them and we met up for another mile of running before they headed home and I just kept running, and running, and running... I just kind of picked residential streets to run down and ended up running all around the neighborhood, using drinking fountains in the parks along the way to refill my bottles. It wasn't quite as long as I thought it was going to be. The first 8 were pretty good, and I was surprised to think "I'm already halfway there." Then I decided I was taking it too easy so I picked it up a notch. Mile 12 was my fastest (11:18) and then things got really slow, as in 13-14 min mile pace for the rest of the run. My IT band started hurting. I'd stretched a little during each of my walking breaks (1 min per mile) but for the last few miles those stretching breaks got longer as I tried to coax my leg into cooperating. At some point it actually seemed harder to start jogging after the breaks than to just keep going. I ran circles in a parking lot so that I'd hit 16.0 by a convenience store so I could buy 3 bags of ice and walk 5 minutes home for an ice bath. Dave had steak, potatoes, and corn on the cob ready for lunch after my uber cold ice bath. The cold ice water felt so good on my legs.

The weather was dark, cloudy, cool, and windy with occasional sprinkles during my run. So after an ice bath I just wanted to get cozy. But Dave kept reminding me about my swim. He wanted to get some exercise and kayak. We headed to the lake and he rented a kayak while I pulled on my wetsuit. The water temp was 58 degrees! I just swam 50 minutes as my ears felt a bit cold so I wanted to turn back. Per Google Earth it was about 1.4 miles (about 2500 yds). Not as far as I would've liked, but probably better than just swimming a 3000 in the pool since it was only the third time I swam in my wetsuit. It was definitely more enjoyable than laps in the pool!

In pink news, yesterday after work I only had to stop by one bike shop to find bar tape (Fizik) to match my saddle but it's not installed yet. I also bought a pink bottle cage (Bontrager). They're both pretty close to the Adamo pink. :)

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  1. Dont go hurting yourself before the big day with these runs... You need to take care of yourself. Maybe pick up the biking if you can.. Hard to hurt yourself on it, you know...