Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Waspy ride and intervals

My 40 mile ride yesterday was more interesting than I would've liked! I didn't mind the intervals I did in the beginning of the ride - they made it interesting in a good way. But a little over halfway into the ride I got stung by something. I stopped, checked my side where it hurt and just saw a red mark, no stinger, no bee, so I kept riding. Then I felt an even sharper sudden pain on the left side, so I stopped, looked in my shirt where it hurt, saw a red mark and then I saw a huge wasp! So I threw my shirt off as quickly as possible and shook it out. I didn't see where the wasp went so I was really paranoid about it hiding on me somewhere. I was putting my shirt back on when another cyclist rode past. He slowed down enough to make sure I was okay and told me he gets stung by bees on that road all the time. The big wasp sting was just under my left armpit and it hurt for the rest of the ride. I toyed with taking a shortcut home but realized I could only cut off a few miles anyways. I was doing the same route I did on Sunday with Mica and I wanted to see how my time compared to the ride with him.

Sunday's ride: 40.33 miles, avg 16.0mph, max 25.0, bike computer time 2:30:00
Monday's ride: 40.13 miles, avg 16.5mph, max 23.7, bike computer time 2:25:33

I popped some Benedryl when I got home since I have a tendency towards allergic reactions. That made me drowsy, which made me so sleepy I couldn't even consider driving to the pool. I took a nap instead. By the time I was awake enough to go swim, it was time to think about getting ready for bed.

In keeping with this month's goal of focusing on speed, today's run included intervals too. I know intervals are supposed to be torture, but I enjoyed them. I'm pretty sure I was running fast enough since my HR actually went too high in one interval and I had to slow down a little to keep it below 85%. I ran a little more than 4 miles, finishing at the convenience store close to my apartment to get some milk, but they had none that I wanted, so then I jogged over to the grocery store to get my milk and jogged most of the way home because I thought it was later than it was. So maybe 4.25 miles or so.

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  1. Hopefully no bees or wasps on Nov. 7...
    Take care!!