Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Skype: puppysitting and cheerleading

I was soooo hungry today. I couldn't possibly bear to go to the gym and do weights before dinner, so I just drove home. There were a few lane changes just before the exit for the gym. Brain said "exit - go directly to gym. do not pass go!" but my stomach won ("Me want FOOD"). Evil stomach brain said "just go back to the gym after dinner and then you can do yesterday's swim too. You'll be way more productive!" As soon as I got home I put my gym clothes on to make myself do weights later, and then I finally ate. It felt like it'd been days. Ironman training sure makes me hungry! I feel like I'm always either hungry or tired, or exercising or working. Sometimes combinations. Oh, and I sleep, too. Tomorrow morning I need to do a fasting blood test, so I'm sure I'll be starving by the time that's done with - 2 hours after my normal breakfast time. I'm just staying up a little bit later tonight...

So of course after I ate dinner, I didn't want to go back to the gym to do weights. I thought about how much better it'd be to do them tomorrow, but tomorrow is a REST day. So I told myself that it'd be nice to really deserve that rest day by doing everything on my training calendar today. I finally managed to convince myself to head over to the apartment complex gym and see what I could do with the weight machines there. Meanwhile Dave supervised Sierra via Skype. Apparently she just howled and then sat in front of the computer listening to Dave and his music. Remote puppysitters. Awesome. I got a good upper body workout, and a so-so lower body workout. Then came the final test of the day - could I possibly also do 10 minutes of abs? Dave assisted by keeping track of the time for me and letting me know when each minute was up so I could switch to another exercise. Sierra seemed to really enjoy running her head into my feet when I did the bicycle exercise. Silly doggie thinks she's a goat. He let me know when I had just 50 seconds left of the whole 10 minutes. A little while later he cheered "YAY" I thought I was done, but he continued after a brief pause "only 20 seconds left!"  :P thanks honey!

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  1. and now you can REALLY enjoy your rest day!

    too funny about the skype puppysitting!!