Saturday, September 5, 2009

Saturday at the bike shop

I did manage to get my swim in this afternoon! It was tough (to get started). Even once I got halfway in the water I wanted to just go back home. But after the first 400 or so it wasn't too bad. I swam a mile, 1750 yards, in 32 minutes. Each fourth lap was build (faster pace), which kept things interesting. After the mile, it was hard to convince myself to finish the full workout, but I kept telling myself "I'm a fast fish. fast fish." so I could think about that instead of the other things I wanted to do. Total I swam 3000 yards in a little under an hour. As always, it felt nice when I finished and I wasn't sorry I did it. Most of the swim was enjoyable. It was especially rewarding because the pool had lots of slow people in it. I'm pretty sure I was the fastest swimmer. That always feels nice for a change. After the swim I did about 35 minutes of weights and 2 minutes of abs. Abs are just too hard for me to do at the end of a workout. Must do them before bed or first thing in the morning.

I spent my morning at the bike shop, which is probably a contributing factor to wanting to just sit around at home and relax all afternoon. It's amazing how much time I spend at the bike shop. I'm glad they've got comfy chairs to sit in and a big tv with cycling races on it to watch while I wait for the tweaking. (Okay I guess I just wanted to sit around and relax today.) My new saddle came in so we swapped out the old and put in the new. Exactly the same, but PINK! (I'll post pics once I find the perfect pink bar tape to match. They just had a light pink which doesn't quite match. Right now my bike looks a little ridiculous with just the pink saddle and everything else stock color. Pink tires come in next month.) The Adamo racing saddle is so much more comfortable than the other saddles I've used, but at the start of my run during my 80/2 brick the other week, I felt like I'd just been on a horse all day instead of my bike. The saddle is a little wide. Joe fixed that by pinching the front together. Apparently the width is a common complaint and this is the fix that works for most. Joe adjusted my aerobars a little too. I was having some mild tightness in my upper left back area. I did a quick test ride and it seems either the same or mildly better, so we'll see how it works after tomorrow's 40/4 brick.

A little bit more of my money went to the bike shop today, too. My new hydration system came in. I've got the Speedfil system now. This should be the ticket to saving time by not having to stop and refill my bottles at all the aid stations! It's basically a 40oz reservoir that sits on the downtube and has an opening to squeeze water (and Heed) into from a bottle, then I drink from a tube that dangles up near my aerobars. My bike frame is large enough that a bottle still fits on the seattube, which makes for easier refilling of the Speedfil on nonsupported rides. I'll post more on Speedfil after I use it tomorrow. I also bought my first CO2 cartridges and an air gun so should I get a flat, I won't have to spend 20-30 min handpumping my tire. And I got pink socks to match the saddle.

Yesterday I just had an easy 20 miler, which I did most of by riding my Trek from day care to get allergy shots (20 min stop) then to work. I did the last 3 miles by swinging past the Gluten Free Specialty shop on the way to day care. I lost any fitness gains from the morning by buying a box of gluten free cinnamon rolls. I talked to the owner, Melanie, about the Ironman Janus Charity Challenge, and she said she'd help me if I decide to raise funds for a celiac/gluten free nonprofit. I just need to decide if I have the time to do it! That decision is on this long weekend's to do list, along with biking, running, biking, and swimming.

This week has been so busy at work that I started drinking coffee again. UGH! I'm avoiding it this weekend and am instead aiming to get at least 9 hours of sleep a night. Thursday I got 9, Friday 9.5. I'm meeting someone at 8:30 to ride tomorrow, so if I finish this post and go to bed right now, I can aim for 10 hours of sleep!  Oh, but I haven't stretched yet... Ironman Florida is 9 weeks away! The midnight finishing deadline is 9 weeks and 1 hour from now. Between now and then I am going to work on getting plenty of sleep. I can tell my body needs it!

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  1. I love my Adamo also. World of difference. is the best place to find out about the product. I loose so much in the way of electrolytes that I will be doing 3 to 4 Endurolytes per hour and probably 2 Saltsticks (depending on weather). All this in addition to Infinit.
    Have a great week training!