Friday, September 11, 2009

A nice swim

Yesterday's swim was really nice. Probably the first time in awhile I was happy to hop in. I still felt a bit chilled for the first 100 but after that it was nice. I swam what felt like a pretty consistent pace throughout and churned out the 3000 yards in 58 minutes. I wonder if part of what made it mentally easier was that I just told myself I had to go swim for an hour, instead of counting all the laps I was going to have to do (120). I did the first mile (1750) in 32 min which was the same pace as my mile on Saturday. But yesterday's swim just felt better and it was enjoyable. The water aerobics class started while I was swimming, and I was just on the other side of a lane line from them. I thought about how great it'd be if they started splashing and hitting me while I swam, to get the practice for a mass swim start.
Yesterday's big Ironman news was that we bought our plane tickets! I'm very excited that my husband is going to be able to join me after all! A friend we made at an open water swim in the Caribbean a few years ago will be doing Ironman Florida, too, and we're looking forward to seeing him and his wife in Panama City. It'll be so nice to be back on the beach after so many years away from the ocean.
Today is just an easy ride which I'm doing as my commute. I added an extra 30 minutes or so to my morning commute to get in some extra miles. It was such a nice morning to ride. My legs felt good and I was sorry to have to turn around and ride to work! I'm going to try to swing by some bike shops soon, maybe on my ride home, to look for the right shade of pink bar tape. If I can't find anything close I'm going to buy some on ebay that looks like it might work. But I'd rather see it in person first.