Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Need new goggles

Since I love my new Rudy Project sunglasses on the bike, I need some non-RX goggles. I dug around and found a few old pairs from when we lived in the VI. I took them to the pool for my Monday swim. Silly me expecting old unused goggles to work. The foam gasket peeled off one set of Speedos before I even left the house. The other ones seemed fairly in tact but leaked a lot once I started swimming. I tried my husband's old tried and true mirrored goggles with the rubber/silicone gaskets. They worked okay except the mirrored lenses were so scratched up that, combined with fogging up, the goggles made me think I was swimming in a murky lake instead of the pool. So I'm on the hunt. And the third swim in a week got cut short. Not even sure how far I swam since I was stopping every lap or so to make adjustments. Maybe I swam 1500 in the 35 minutes before I gave up.
Also made it to the bike shop on Monday. My new pink tires were in! I got Vredestein Fortezza tri comp tires. The pink is a little redder than the bar tape I got, so I am also looking for bar tape again. I think the Soma rose pink might work though. The shop ordered some and will let me know if they match at all once the tape gets in. Also tried a new helmet on and some new shorts. No purchasing though, other than the tires. But after reading about the shorts (Shebeest SSS) I am thinking of making the jump to the S-Pro shorts since says "And if you like Shebeest's classic Triple S Short, you are going to loooove the new S-Pro." I choose loooove over twenty bucks anytime. The helmet is a tougher choice. Why are they so expensive?? I just hate my current helmet. It isn't comfortable when fitted properly. Wheel Works also hooked up my new bike computer for me. I'm looking forward to riding with it.
This morning was my first workout that really felt cold in awhile. Dark and just 50 degrees (I know, everyone thinks I'm ridiculous when I say 50 is cold). I headed out w/ the dog and even though she is just a fluff ball, I felt safer with her than without. I'm sure she would've gladly licked any bad guys to death for me. I wore my headlamp for the first time running too. It doesn't work so well with a hat. I'm not sure if I'm going to wear it in FL, but I'll be bringing it for sure and decide then. The easy 4 miles were easy. Even Sierra had more energy left when we got home, but I bet she's enjoying her nap right now.
Totals from last week (Mon-Sun):
Swim: 1.136 miles (2000 yds); 40 minutes
Bike: 67.5 miles; 246 minutes
Run: 22.3 miles; 287 minutes
Weights: 30 min
Abs: ? min
Total: 603 minutes (10 hours, 3 minutes)


  1. Red.. flat proof tires is what we are looking for. If you do better than me and my change of tires you are doing great. But of course I am the tire changer that is making all the mistakes.... but I am learning...

  2. These are my favorite goggles. Always comfortable and stay on during races. I always got a new pair before a big race and wore them only the week before the race to test them out. That way I knew the suction would work!!®-p-186-c-68_70_72.html