Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Missed workout

I think today's the first day I missed a scheduled workout that I'm not sure I can make up. Okay maybe not. I did have that entire first week of August where I was really sick, but I was so sick then I couldn't even worry about missing those workouts. Work is really busy for the next two weeks. Today I couldn't squeeze my swim in because I was at work so long that I had to get home for the doggie. I was looking forward to the swim which included a timed 1 miler, since I haven't swam for time in awhile. But of course I was also dreading getting in the water for that initial 300-400 before I warmup! I may be able to do it on Thursday. Only time will tell! I'll be glad once these two weeks are done at work. Then I've got mostly four day work weeks until I go to Florida!


  1. You know, if you are training 5 to 6 days a week I always give myself a one day pass per week (sometimes 2, but don't tell anyone). You can use it or not, but the bottom line is you don't sweat the missed day... because you WILL finish and since you won't win your age group, it makes no sense to beat yourself up over missing a workout per week that might save you 5 or 10 minutes come Nov. 7. Think of it this way... if you do IMFL in 13hr 30 min versus 13hr 20min, do you think one pass per week will serve you better than the 10 minutes race day?

    I go for sanity, but that is a personal choice.

  2. I wrote a response to this but it seems to have disappeared! I think you've got a great point. Sanity goes hand in hand with family time and personal time. Although IM training is a lot of personal time!