Saturday, September 19, 2009

It was really hot, and there were hills.

Just got back from a few days along the central coast. Here's the recap from the last few days...

Wednesday bike:
  • I had some intervals to do on my ride which was fine but I got started a little late (a terrible trend these days) and had to cut the warmup a couple miles short. oops.
  • Rode my Trek so I could lock it to a bench outside my Dr's office, which was my pre-work destination, but then I ended up just bringing it into the Dr's lobby. I figure if I ask them to install a bike lock for over a year and they don't bother, then they should just accept that my bike is coming in with me since the U-lock can't fit around the bench. They seem to accept it just fine. I'd rather then install a bike rack though since it might encourage other people to ride their bikes to the office.
  • Got to work 3 miles short of the day's 30 mile goal, so after work I literally rode in circles (~.08 mile circles) until Dave showed up. He was picking me up at work so we could drive down to the central coast. I got so dizzy after the 2.3 miles of circles that I had motion sickness for the entire 5 hour drive, though I slept through most of it.
Thursday run:
  • I started our 2 days of togetherness by going for an 8 mile run... at 9:30am. The high was supposed to be 90-something. It was really hot, and there were hills.
  • My middle two "tempo" miles were the easiest part because I didn't have to keep slowing down to a ridiculous pace to keep my HR in check, since my HR was allowed to be high for those miles.
  • I did, however, have to pause in the second tempo mile to ask someone with a hose to refill my water bottles. It was really hot, and there were hills.
  • I was practically crawling the last few miles back to the hotel, finishing the last 1.5 on the treadmill with a/c and a fan. One of the last miles was seriously a 15 min mile pace and my HR was still too high. It was really hot.
  • A few hours into our together time, I remembered I really had to go to the Running Wherehouse to buy a case of my watermelon Carb Boom since the shops near where we live are out of stock. (hm wonder who bought them all?)  While we were there, I saw the IT Band Compression Wrap. Anyone know if it works?
Friday bike, swim, and weights:
  • Since Dave had to work starting at 2pm on Friday, we just had the morning together. Since Thursday's run had been so hot, it seemed prudent to do my 40 mile ride in the morning instead of the afternoon, if the ride was really going to get done. After sleeping in, together time for the day became just breakfast and a quick hello after I finished my ride. Three cheers for supportive spouses.
  • I found a nice hilly route (Peachy Canyon-Willow route) that went past a lot of vineyard and I got started at 10am. It was already hot, and there were hills. Even just 15 minutes into the ride I felt like I was either going 10mph uphill or 30 mph downhill. My average ended up being a measly 13.0mph and my max was 36.4mph. Tells you something. My chain fell off twice. I wished I had my Cervelo.
  • It was really hot, and there were hills, and I was doing intervals. Intervals going uphill, when it's really hot and there is no shade, well, they kinda suck. Intervals going downhill on curvy roads with huge trucks bearing down on you, well, they kinda suck, too.
  • Since I had my Trek, I didn't have my Speedfil which meant I only had 40oz of liquid with me. Thanks to the Tablas Creek Vineyard for the nice cold water.
  • Girls who look like they're about 21 who are driving in a convertible and slow down to ask you for directions, while you're standing on your bike in the lowest gear desperately trying to get up about a 15% grade, clearly haven't ever been on a bike.
  • Since it was really hot, and there were hills, and I was drinking (water) like crazy and I knew there weren't any vineyards on the next 8 mile segment, I cut my ride short. I felt a bit lame about that, but I felt that I'd put more effort into it than I would have a 40 miler at home since we don't have hills here. My 32.5 miles took me the same amount of time my normal 40 would.
  • All in all, I felt happy to finish what I did do since I toyed with asking Dave to pick me up for most of the ride, but I also thought about how I'd be such a better cyclist if we lived near hills. Either that or I would never ride. 
  • With the whole afternoon and night to myself, I looked into city pools thinking I could get my swim done. WTF is up with lap swimming from just 12-1 and only M-F? Who lives in these towns? I wasn't about to swim an hour in a 15 yard hotel pool with steps on one side, so the swim got pushed another day.
  • Sierra and I ventured to the hotel's gym so I could do the weights I neglected earlier in the week. The hotel had welded all of the weight machines' adjustable parts into place. They fit perfect - for a 6' person. I just did the vertical bench press, then I unsuccessfully tried to get Sierra to use the treadmill.
Saturday run and swim:
  • Just a short 4 miler this morning with 6x1 intervals. Felt ridiculously short and easy, except for about 2-3 minutes. 
  • I started before 8am. It wasn't hot, and there were only mild inclines, no hills.
  • Food for thought - the day I signed up for IM Florida I ran 4 miles. Four miles was my long run at that point.
  • Today's swim, well, I'm not fooling anyone. I just spent 4 hours in the car and I need to go grocery shopping and I would really love a nap. My coach is far away in Hawai'i so somehow I feel like my teacher is on vacation and she'll never know what I do wrong, even though I know the substitute is going to leave a note... Surely it's more important to mentally prepare myself for tomorrow's 100/2 brick than to go spend an hour floating around in the pool.

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