Monday, September 14, 2009

Half iron race pace

Yesterday's ride was a 60 miler, 20 warmup, 20 at half iron race pace, 20 cooldown. I wanted to do the middle 20 entirely on the bike path so I wouldn't have to worry about traffic slowing me down, and then I decided I also wanted to do it without having to turn around in the middle because that would slow me down too. I wasn't really sure I could do 20 miles at a 17-17.5 mph pace. I felt like my race pace at Vineman in July was a fluke. I have no idea how I did the bike course so quickly. I think the wind must have been at my back the whole time. Or maybe due to not having trained a whole lot in the month before the race, I was very well tapered. Yeah, that must be it.
Long story short(ish) is that I ended up pushing 18.5mph for the middle 20 AND I kept my HR from going too high. I think the wind may have been at my back, but I already picked the "uphill" direction to do that portion of the ride, so what more could I do? I passed 3 people with bike problems during that 20 mile segment and I felt so bad for not asking if any of them needed help (although they all looked like someone else was helping out). I promised to stop for everyone on the way back during my cooldown. One guy I talked to had gotten FOUR flats that day. He didn't care to change another tire though so turned down my spare tube. Made me wonder if he kept forgetting to check the inside of the tire before switching tubes... All in all it was a good ride. I did my 60 miles, plus 7.5 for my friend Lauren who's been working too hard and hasn't had enough time to ride outside lately. The miles for her were the easiest in my body. Perhaps because I was almost home! But wow there were plenty of drivers who need to be taught a lesson by the one armed man about why they need to respect cyclists.
I forgot to total my miles for my recovery week, but as you'd expect, they are not impressive at all. Then again, in 2006 my goal was to exercise 6 hours a week. So I guess comparatively, things are going well.
Recovery week (8/31-9/6)
Swim: 1.7 miles (3000yds); 59 minutes
Bike: 72 miles; 289 minutes
Run: 8 miles; 96 minutes
Weights: 65 min
Abs: 12 min
Total: 521 minutes (8 hours, 41 minutes)
Totals from last week (Mon-Sun):
Swim: 3.1 miles (5500yds); 108 minutes
Bike: 136 miles; 513 minutes
Run: 20.1 miles; 245 minutes
Weights: 35 min
Abs: 20 min
Total: 921 minutes (15 hours, 21 minutes)

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  1. You'll do great come Nov. 7!! Keep the positive thoughts..